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"Degrassi: Next Generation" is Back In Class

They're reunited and we're feeling so gooood!

What better way to celebrate 500 episodes of hormones and heartbreak than with the original cast from Degrassi: The Next Generation in a #DegrassiReunion that will most definitely bring back the nostalgia and drama - especially if Paige has anything to do with it.

They're back. Feel free to fan out. #DegrassiReunion
Posted by Degrassi on Friday, July 15, 2016

This must-see Netflix series will be airing the reunion episode on July 22 - that's in 5 days people! Expect to see Spinner Mason, Marco Del Rossi, Craig Manning, Liberty Van Zandt, Peter Stone and Holly J. Sinclair mingling with the Next Class. In an Entertainment Weekly exclusive clip, handsome Jake is back and he's giving Tristan chills with his sweet angel voice - we feel them too, Tristan!

Speaking of sweet angel voices, don't hold your breath for the return of Jimmy Brooks aka Drake. In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, Adamo Ruggiero, who plays Marco, confirmed that his costar's cameo is highly unlikely. "It's the 35th anniversary of the school, so we all get together to celebrate… but sadly, the wheelchair ramp was out of service," Ruggiero says.


The Degrassi franchise first aired on CBC Television in 1979 as The Kids of Degrassi Street following the lives of kids and teens as they dealt with coming-of-age issues. Die-hard fans followed the characters played by  Neil Hope, Stacie Mistysyn, Anais Granofsky, Sarah Charlesworth as they dealt with love, loss, friendships and the most common of teen pressures - fitting in.

The franchise expanded throughout the '80s and '90s. As the cast aged, Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High were created and aired on CBC and PBS. Themes touched on some heavier issues including drugs and sexuality. Even though it covered some heady topics, there was always just the right amount of friendship and fun for balance. I mean, who didn't love Zit Remedy?! Joey, Wheels and Snake - now, that was a band of brothers.

Next Generationers might not get Jimmy Brooks, but it seems that fans of the original Degrassi can look forward to some Joey Jeremiah face time this Friday!