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The New Aladdin Cast Has Been Announced, Are You Ready For A Whole New World?

Well, it's official! The new cast for the Disney live action version of Aladdin has been announced so it's time to prepare for the remake.

Not everyone loves all these live action remakes, but honestly some of them turn out pretty alright so we should give them a chance. Nothing will ever be better than the animated one, but they can try if they want.

The casting has been very much the top concern of every Disney fan, especially because they are such iconic characters. There were some speculations about who was going to play the genie, which makes sense because that is the the most important role in the movie. The movie might be called Aladdin but we all know that Genie is the real hero.

Disney had its D23 convention on the weekend where they made a bunch of amazing announcements for their lineup for the next few years. Including who would be playing the most important characters in this live action Aladdin.

The Genie, which we all kind of knew anyway, was confirmed to be Will Smith. He will be trying to fill the shoes of Robin Williams, who will obviously be missed. Smith will likely be a good choice, because he probably won't just do an impression of the legend and will make it his own.

The real question everyone was excited to get the answer to was who will playing Aladdin and Jasmine? Well, Disney let us know and it's kind of awesome!

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Aladdin is one of the best Disney movies to have ever been made. The characters are relatable, the songs are epic and it's basically perfect in every way. So how are they going to compete with that?

Well, they have put together a cast who are going to try their very best to live up to the hype and so far it looks pretty good! Other than the official announcement of Will Smith as Genie, we found out who Jasmine and Aladdin will be played by.

Jasmine will be played by British actress Naomi Scott. You might recognize her as the Pink Power Ranger from the 2017 movie. She has also been in a few short films and the television shows Life Bites and Terra Nova.