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The Most Iconic Pop Culture Moments from the 2000s

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

When millennials start talking about the 2000s, it sounds like only several years have passed since that moment. However, when you freeze for a second and start counting, you realize that time passes quicker than you think. It is already the 20th anniversary of the new century. How could it happen? If you look back, you will see that many things were really different at that time, especially in pop culture. While some bright stars only started their way to success, others didn't exist at all. Students knew nothing about Superbgrade online essay writing service and perhaps suffered a lot because it really simplifies life in many ways. People were not obsessed with social networks since old-school phones were everything they could count on, and the most popular online platforms were the distant future. However, they showed the same great interest in celebrities' lives, watched the first brand-new TV shows, and had similar hopes about the new century. What were the most bright and iconic pop culture moments at the time?

Destiny's Child won over the charts

Today many people are devoted fans of Beyonce and believe she is one of the most powerful celebs in the pop culture world. However, things were different in the 2000s since she was a part of the pop band Destiny's Child that occupied all the charts with their songs. It was exactly 2000 that became a turning point in the band's life since two initial band members were replaced with one new, and a line-up turned into a trio. The band reached incredible success when their song became a soundtrack to the famous Charlie's Angels. They continued to win over the charts and released true hits until 2006, when each member decided to start their solo career.

Kylie Minogue made an impressive comeback

The chances are high that the modern generations don't even know who Kylie Minogue is, but twenty years ago, she was a real pop icon. In 2000, she decided to get back to her pop-centric sounding after several years of experiments and released her three hits. The next several years, she continued to win people over with her compositions, and no party could do without her hits. If you have never listened to her songs, it is time to fix it. They will definitely help you feel the atmosphere of the 2000s. If you lack time on such entertainment because of assignments, you can consider writing essays with PROESSAYS to get your papers done on time.

Posh Spice was at the center of a scandal

Today, most people know Victoria Beckham as a designer and mom of four charming kids. However, twenty years ago, she just left Spice Girls and started her solo career. At that moment, the appearance in charts was the main feature of your popularity, so every singer struggled to get there. In 2000, Victoria Beckham challenged Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a forthcoming British singer, when her solo appeared in all the charts. Ellis-Bextor blamed ex-Posh Spice for forcing fans to purchase her single and bringing David Beckham to the record store.

It was an exciting time for pop music

If you do a little research, you will see that pop music ran the table in the 2000s. People went crazy about boy bands like Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears was a pop icon. In general, all music charts were clogged with various pop music compositions. Such a tendency was visible worldwide, and every country could boast of a wide range of pop artists. Madonna started gaining incredible popularity with her compositions while Coldplay released their first album. Who knew at that moment that the latter would become one of the most popular bands of all time during the next twenty years? Their debut album became platinum nine times in the UK. If it is hard for you to make room in your schedule for listening to music, you need cousework help. Professional writers will take a part of your burden and help you allocate time for the things you really like and enjoy.

People watched the relationships of Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston

It is always interesting for people to watch famous couples and discuss their relationships. Today, you can go online to find out something new about celebrities ' lives, but twenty years ago, the only source of information was a glossy magazine. They provided readers with a new portion of news about stars, and "Brennifer" became one of the most popular and favorite couples. It was not surprising since their careers were right at the top. She shot in the most popular TV series of all time, and he was considered one of the most handsome and promising movie stars. Indeed, it was a stunning Hollywood love story that resulted in marriage right in 2000.  

Hip-hop was popular like never before

Almost everyone watched music TV channels, and hip-hop celebrities did their best to show off. It was a time when people couldn't but listen to Eminem. They loved and hated him in equal parts since his songs stood out from the rest and evoked too strong emotions. The 2000s became the best time in his career, so it was not surprising when he became a movie star in 2002 and even got an Oscar for a soundtrack, "Lose yourself." He is still the only Oscar-winner among hip-hop performers.