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The Best Retro Games of the 90s and 00’s

Did you know that the global gaming industry witnessed a growth of 500 million new gamers in the last 3 years? Accenture’s 2021 report indicates that the size of the market now exceeds the combined markets for music and movies by $300 billion. Whether for professional purposes or casual entertainment, everyone’s super hyped about playing games.

Gaming offers a unique interactive experience we can share with family and friends. During COVID-19, online gaming was at the centre of our social lives. The cool interactive features helped people around the world deal with stress! However, as fun as new games are, they can often become monotonous. That's why today, we bring a list of the best retro games of the 90s and 00’s veterans will swear by!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If you like Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA V’s open-world gameplay, then this golden egg is something you can't afford to miss. Before GTA V, San Andreas was the typical gamer go-to. GTA San Andreas stole our hearts with open-world gameplay as close as it gets to reality. With missions and sub-missions the storyline builds up beautifully cross the picturesque landscape of San Andreas.

Take CJ on a ride across the sin city and complete gang missions through beautiful country-sides, coastlines, and suburbs. Starting from the accented conversations to the intricately detailed game physics, this retro title is one you can’t afford to miss! Class-up, buy new clothes, try out the crazy hairstyles, or just take a long drive along the tracks, this game has everything you want.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

While you may not think of it as a retro title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the top ones on our list. The original holy grail of CS was set out in 1999 and solidified in 2000 when Valve took over the game's intellectual property. This first-person team shooter didn't pack much in terms of graphics, but that never was its selling point.

Counter-Strike served as the foundation of what we know today as eSports. The simple gameplay and accessible system requirements made it a quick hit. Folks worldwide could log into shared servers and have a gala with their friends. But that's not all. Retaining the smooth mechanics of its predecessor, CS:GO took gamers by storm in 2010 with even better gameplay and graphics.

Counter-Strike became the go-to for tournaments where professional gamers competed against one another and for friends who just wanted to chill in the evenings. The unique game design, physics and mechanics made it a top-grossing title that remains relevant today! CS:GO’s outstanding balance between strategy and action makes it stand out. Thus, if you're looking for an encapsulating gaming session, we recommend you check this out.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Right up on the board with CS:GO, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released in 2007 and became a delight to people who loved first-person shooters. Starting from graphics to gameplay mechanics, everything about this game is stellar. Add to that a gripping storyline and multiplayer options, and you've got yourself a game you can't forget.

Call of Duty's unique action-packed gameplay perfectly fits the archetype of casual gamers. The easy game controls and fast gaming experience is spellbinding. If you’re looking for a retro title to unwind with, we’d suggest you jump into this one!


Let's turn the wheel back to 1998 when Half-Life was released. This retro title packs a punch but not in the most obvious way. When it comes to gaming, different titles stand out due to various reasons. This one stands out due to its excellent storyline.

With decent game mechanics and exciting gameplay, this title is a retrofit that can be a nice change of pace for you. Half-Life is the perfect game to venture into a different vibe if you're tired of the loose storylines and fast-action RPGs. Welcome to the cryptic futuristic world straight out of alien fiction. Make your way through the dingy hallways while dodging aliens and saving humanity! The fun of this game lies in how detailed it is. Even with '98 graphics, you'll feel like you're playing a title that's never like anything. Our tip is to pay attention to the in-game conversations. You never know what might save your life!

Let’s Go Retro

While the aesthetic appeal of modern games is far superior to retro titles, we can't ignore their sheer magnificence. After all, today's games would not have come into being without these early retro titles. From CS:GO to GTA San Andreas, all of these retro games from the 90s and 00’s have charm. They stand apart from each other starkly and offer you a new world to delve deep into. We recommend you sit back and immerse yourself in the OG games of all time!