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The Bat Signal Shines Over Los Angeles To Honor Adam West

Adam West's recent passing was a blow felt worldwide. Thousands of his fans have reacted with all sorts of touching tributes, and pop culture fans in general have been taking the time to honor everything we all loved about this brilliant actor.

Well, the most recent tribute to emerge has us all beat.

The Guardian

Spearheaded by West's Batman co-star Burt Ward and the surviving members of West's family, thousands of people turned up in front of Los Angeles' city hall to pay their respects to the fallen actor. After several heartfelt tributes (which we'll get to in a second), the Bat Signal was projected onto the side of city hall for everyone to see.

Jesse Grant, Getty Images for DC Entertainment

Ward had some of the most personal comments to offer, saying

“I’m here to tell you that my friend Adam would want every single one of you to be incredibly happy and to be joyous. Because he spent his entire life as a performer making people happy, making them laugh and trying to make this world a better place.”


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was then up, who began by referencing other famous actors to don the cape and cowl, like Michael Keaton and Christian Bale.

“They’ve all had their time in the cape and the cowl but did anyone have more fun than Adam West?" said Garcetti. “There will never be a Batman like Adam West – and there will never be another Adam West.”

13th Dimension

West’s wife Marcelle was joined by their daughters. Also in attendance was actress Lee Meriwether, one of the three actresses who portrayed Catwoman in Batman.


Rest in peace, old chum. Your fans will remember you forever.

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