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The Actual Ages Of These Famous Sitcom Characters Will Make You Softly Whisper "No."

Getting older is a hell of a thing; pop culture seems weird to you, everything changes at a faster rate than you can handle, and those kids won't get off your lawn.

Even worse, you start to compare yourself to other people, especially what TV shows seem to think your life should be like by now. In particular, these 10 characters are going to make you go "where did all that time go?!"

The cast of Friends were all supposed to be in their mid-20s

Business Insider

Danny Tanner, father of three on Full House, was 29


Three of the Golden Girls are in their early 50s in the first season, which is younger than most of our parents


These next few character ages are straight up nuts...

The cast members of Glee were all playing teenagers while being in their 20s and 30s

Rolling Stone

Dwight from The Office was 27. Yeah.


Elaine was supposed to be 28 during the final season of Seinfeld


And George was 29. More like 29 going on 40...


Uncle Phil was 45 in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, meaning Will Smith is now older than his on-show Uncle

Elite Daily

Peg Bundy is 33, making her only about 18 years older than her daughter


Charisma Carpenter played a teenager on Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the tender age of 27


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