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The 10 Worst Possible Things That Could Ever Happen To You At School

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Being a kid was pretty great. We got to play all the time, we had no bills, and our responsibilities were limited to making our beds. However, we never appreciated it at the time. Instead we would whine and complain all about how tragic our lives were and how unfair everything was. There were so many things that the mean adults would do that made our lives just totally awful and it's hard to understand how we survived.

Some things were pretty brutal, so if you are brave enough to relive the trauma, check out the list below. Next time tells you that you have had it easy remind them of all of these things, then they will know just how much you've struggled.

1. Bashing your knuckles on the wall while sharpening pencils

Yes of course it was smarter to bring in your own pencil sharpener, but sometimes it broke or got left at home so you were stuck using the one that was at the front of the class on the wall. You had to turn that crank pretty quickly if you wanted it to sharpen properly and without fail you would end up bashing your knuckles into the wall. One of the most painful things!

2. When the teacher would say no gel pens

You have the write to creative expression! Who cares if you can't read a word of what this says, just assume it's the right answers.

3. Trying to find books in the card catalog

Librarians go to school of years to figure those out and we were expected to know how to use them as 12 years olds?

4. Trying to get enough information out of the Encyclopedia for a report

We didn't have google, we didn't have Wikipedia, and as mentioned before, finding a bunch of different books was tricky because of the card catalogs. Most of the time we would pull out the ol' Encyclopedia and try to turn a short entry into the entire paper we needed to write.

5. When you don't get to use your favorite scented marker because the color won't work

No one wants a licorice scented marker.

But sometimes it was sounds that caused us problems...

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