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Over 10 Years Later, Is The Cast Of 'That 70s Show' Still Doing The Same Old Thing They Did Last Week?


Who didn't love That 70s Show? It was a weekly staple for many people, and the reruns continue to entertain people to this day. For those of us who never got to experience the 70s in any capacity, it was hilarious to see how people lived just a few short decades ago, and it was perfect.

After watching the series, I can say that it seems like it would have been a lot of fun (and a lot simpler) to have grown up during the decade. And if I would have had friends like characters in the show, life would have been great.

But since the show ended in early 2006, what happened to the cast that made this show such a hit?

1. Eric Forman - Topher Grace

Topher Grace played the show's main character, Eric Forman. The show centered itself primarily in the Forman's home, and Eric's shenanigans set the stage for most of the plot points. These days Topher Grace isn't doing much acting. He had a reasonable role in Spiderman 3 as Eddie Brock, and has also appeared in Take Me Home Tonight, Interstellar, and most recently Truth.    


2. Donna Pinciotti - Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon played Eric's hot next-door neighbor/primary love interest, Donna. Their love life played a major role in the development of the show, and was a long running joke for many of the characters. After playing the role of one of Ted's ex-girlfriends on How I Met Your Mother, Prepon landed a major role on the new hit show Orange Is The New Black.


3. Michael Kelso - Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher played the group's resident simpleton, Kelso. He was a lovable character who had more charm than brains, and his lack of intelligence made for very entertaining antics. Kutcher has had a very successful career, after the show finished he did several comedies, and even replaced Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Oh ya, he also married his That 70s Show costar Mila Kunis.


4. Jackie Burkhart - Mila Kunis

Kunis played the town rich girl, Jackie. Her character was originally hated by most of the cast, but overtime they grew to love her and she really became a part of the group. She also became Donna's best friend. She has had a great film career since the show ended. Kunis has had major roles in Black Swan, Oz the Great and Powerful, Jupiter Ascending, Ted, Friends With Benefits, and most recently Bad Moms.


5. Steven Hyde - Danny Masterson

Masterson played Hyde, the sarcastic, street smart kid who has terrible parents. He ends up living in the Forman's basement for most of the show after his mom leaves town. Masterson hasn't had such a great time since the show ended. Most recently he was fired from his role on the Netflix show The Ranch due to several allegations of rape and sexual assault.


6. Fez - Wilmer Valderrama

Fez is the most lovable character on the entire show. A foreign exchange student from a country that is never named, his lack of knowledge about American pop-culture and customs makes for some hilarious television. Valderrama has been fairly busy since the show ended, mostly with guest-starring roles on shows like Raising Hope, Suburgatory, and even played a patient on Grey's Anatomy.


7. Kitty Forman - Debra Jo Rupp

Honestly, Kitty was likely my favorite character from the show, mainly because she reminded me of my grandmother (minus the copious drinking and smoking). She was unique to say the least, and didn't pull any punches when she needed to put her foot down. She has been pretty low-key since the show ended, and her most notable movie appearance was likely in She's Out of My League.


8. Red Forman - Kurtwood Smith

Red was one tough son of a bitch. He ran his household with an iron fist, and he expected people to behave in ways that he found acceptable. But he really was a good father figure to most of the cast. After the show ended we haven't seen much out of Smith, but he had guest-starring roles on 24, Chaos, and even had a recurring role on Agent Carter.


Who was your favorite character from That 70s Show? Let us know in the comments.