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'Temptation Island' Is Coming Back To TV Even Though It Caused Controversy The First Time

Who else remembers when reality shows first started becoming popular in the early 2000s? We had Survivor, Big Brother, and American Idol, and those were all popular, but then the insane dating shows started to come out.

Of course The Bachelor started, and that is wild enough in its own right, but it wasn't the only one. Networks put their contestants into increasingly wild situations to see just how much they could put them through in their search for fame.

Shows like Paradise Hotel tried to match up people while keeping them secluded, others like Joe Millionaire lied to its contestants and told them they had a shot at a millionaire, but spoiler, he was not.

Temptation Island

One of the most wild shows of all was Temptation Island. Seriously the premise of this show is something that is pretty... well, morally questionable.

The show would have four couples come to an island, and then they would separate them from their partners. The four men were sent to a section that also housed a dozen gorgeous female models, while the four women were sent to live on a section of island with a dozen male models.

The literal point of this show was to try and tempt the couples to cheat on their spouse with one of the models, and to try and see whose relationship can survive.

Temptation Island
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Over its run it raised a lot of controversy, especially when the producers found out that one of the couples actually had children together. They were removed from the show at that point because I guess that crossed the ethical boundary too much.

The show managed to last for 3 seasons, and was actually recreated all over the world. There were versions of Temptation Island in Argentina, Italy, Spain, Russia, Scandinavia and many more countries.

But now it's coming back to America! Temptation Island will be once again be testing the relationships of a bunch of couples who are probably only doing it to be on TV.

Temptation Island

It's not the only crazy reality show that is making a comeback either, Wife Swap is set to return as well, once again taking two families from different economic backgrounds and family styles and switching it all around and force them to try and make it work.

The world is apparently desperate for weird entertainment where people are pushed to the limit.

Are you interested in this Temptation Island reboot? Or do you think it should just stay in the past?

There were a lot of reality shows that we used to obsess over when we were younger, but I am still unsure of how popular they would be now.

Seriously, they even tried to make a tv show about living like you were in the 70s. They tried everything.

Source - Deadline