The First 'Toy Story 4' Teaser Is Here And They've Revealed A New Character

As we all sit impatiently awaiting our inevitable sobs that will follow when we finally get to watch Toy Story 4, all we can do is grasp at anything they give us. When Tim Allen told us that it was so emotional that even he couldn't get through it we got nervous. And then Tom Hanks seemed to agree with him by saying that the story was so powerful he couldn't even look at the people in the room while he delivered his lines. We all know that this movie will basically destroy us, right? We all know to go


5 Secrets Of 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' To Get You Ready For The Midnight Jamboree

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of those classics that we all remember watching as young children. It was about as spooky as we could all handle at the time, and as a requirement every Halloween season. There weren't as many Halloween movies as there were Christmas movies, so it was nice to have something to watch. The movie is an oldie but a goody, dating back to 1949. The animated movie was shorter than other Disney movies you remember, but there was a reason for that that we'll get to later. They managed to make this movie something


In Defense Of The Disney Princesses That People Just Can't Stop Criticizing

Alright, I know that people tend to have varying opinions about the Disney princesses, and believe me, I get it. My opinions change on them every time I watch the movies again, or when I hear another well made argument.People have said that the older Disney princesses aren't always the best role models. Whether it's because they give up something, fail to save themselves, or something else, they are critiqued as being a bad influence for young girls. But I am here today to provide some over-analytical reasons why they aren't as bad as you may think. Are they


The First Look At The New Live-Action 'Aladdin' Is Here, Do You Think It's A Diamond In The Rough?

We've been waiting for what feels like ten thousand years, and it's given us such a crick in the neck, but now we've finally gotten our first look at the new live-action remake of Aladdin. The problem is, it's just the smallest little taste, barely enough to know how to feel about this whole new world. We obviously all know the story of Aladdin, right? It's possible that it is the best Disney movie of all time. Sure, there are some other great ones, and honestly it's totally impossible to pick a favorite, but everyone loves Aladdin. The story of


Disney Reveals 'Lilo & Stitch' Is The Next Movie To Get A Live-Action Remake

When it comes to Disney, we know that they are obviously a gigantic corporation that needs to make money to survive. But this fact is easy to forget when they make some of the best movies out there that make us all feel a million emotions no matter how old we are. They can flip their emotional impact from making us "feel the love" between two lions, to the complete terror when a bunch of toys are heading into an incinerator. Some movies can't do that with real actors, but Disney can do it with cartoons. That's always been what