Watch: TV Hosts Are Baffled By The Internet In This Throwback Clip

Way back in the olden days of 1994, if you were already surfing the web you were probably using Netscape Navigator on your family's AOL subscription. Which is a nice way of saying you were a big nerd.I don't know what the "internet" is, but it looks painful.TimeThe worldwide web was gaining popularity fast, but judging by these reactions from The Today Show, it wasn't exactly mainstream just yet. After the hosts try their best to work out how exactly you pronounce "@," Bryant Gumbel vents his frustration over the newfangled technology."What is the


10 Things From Spy Kids That Have Really Stuck With You Over The Years

Spy Kids was fantastic. That is just a fact and you cannot convince me that this is not true. The film came out over 15 years ago now, but you know what, it holds up! MiramaxThe movie was a great spy/adventure movie that made you feel super powerful as a kid. It also made us all a little bit suspicious of our parents. Maybe they were secret spies too...MiramaxIt really was a great movie that has stuck with a lot of us for a long time, maybe because it is kind of messed up, or maybe because it's