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10 Celebrities We're Pretty Sure Must Be Immortal, Or Maybe Just Aging In Reverse

Let's make it clear: the person who came up with the saying, "age is just a number" was most likely under the age of 25. Sure, when we grow older, we become wiser and are filled with everlasting memories we'll cherish for the rest of our lives ... but we'll definitely look it.While there's no escaping from the grasps of crow eyes and smile lines for us common folk, here are 10 celebrities who have magically found the fountain of youth. 1. Jennifer AnistonWeHeartIt / ZimbioWe'd say Rachel Green would be more than proud of Jennifer Aniston's skin care routine.2.


15 Hilarious Ways To Describe Your Age Without Using Numbers That Are Super Relatable

When you think about how old you are and how much the world has changed it's easy to get a little bitter. Everything is just so very different, and obviously it was so much better when we were young right? People often go to the internet to express their frustrations, and the best example of this right now is the trend of "My Age in a Phrase". Instead of saying how old they are they just use a phrase and it is super relatable. See which one relates to your childhood the most! @ThisGirlInCT@feliciaw5853@fanchiefanch@andtobymakes3@alyssaaburgerr@MrTommyWalter@GraphicandMaybe@