15 Valuable Archie Comics That'll Have You Searching Your Attic For Your Old Collection

When I was young I had so many issues of Archie's Double Digest you could've wallpapered my room with them and still had a few books left over.I can almost smell them now...BookwormWhile those mini-collections that we buy at the checkout lane aren't worth much, older Archie fans may have a few valuable issues tucked away in their collection. The great thing about Archie is year after year he only seems to get more popular, and that means the values of these 15 books have aged like fine wine.This list is in chronological order, so keep reading

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15 Times That Archie Comics Were Unintentionally Inappropriate

Archie comics were a part of almost everyone's childhood. I even still have a box of them sitting around for when my children get to the age that they can read them. As kids we often see things through a child's eyes, missing out on innuendo and jokes that would become evident as we get older. These 15 snippets from Archie comics really make you wonder what the artists were thinking, or if they intentionally drew these in for their own amusement. They really draw the line between children's comics and adult humor.1. A little context is needed.eBaumsWorld2.


Your Favorite Teenage Witch Could Be Making A 'Riverdale' Appearance

Listen up, everyone. I get it, okay? Riverdale is nothing like the Archie comic series, except that Archie is a ginger. But that doesn't mean it's not extremely entertaining in the same way The O.C. and One Tree Hill were. It gives us cheesy drama and wild scenarios, so it's everything we could want. But for all you Archie die-hards who are hoping to see some more of the classic comic in the show, look no further. Sabrina the Teenage Witch could be hitting your Netflix screens for season 2. Archie ComicsShowrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also happened to write