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15 Valuable Archie Comics That'll Have You Searching Your Attic For Your Old Collection

When I was young I had so many issues of Archie's Double Digest you could've wallpapered my room with them and still had a few books left over.

I can almost smell them now...Bookworm

While those mini-collections that we buy at the checkout lane aren't worth much, older Archie fans may have a few valuable issues tucked away in their collection. The great thing about Archie is year after year he only seems to get more popular, and that means the values of these 15 books have aged like fine wine.

This list is in chronological order, so keep reading to learn which recent books are worth a pretty penny.

1. Pep Comics #22 (1941)

Record sale: $143,000

Huh? Where's Archie? Everyone's favorite comic book teenager debuted in a 6-page story near the end of this issue called "Introducing Archie." So did other popular characters like Betty and Jughead. This book is really rare, so unless your kindly ancestor tucked an issue away in their safe, you probably don't have one. Even a copy in rough shape should fetch $10,000.

2. Jackpot Comics #4 (1942)

Record sale: $16,700

Notice that redhead in the bottom corner of the cover? This was Archie's first appearance on the cover of a comic, signaling big things to come in his career. A copy of this book should sell for at least $1,000.

3. Pep Comics #26 (1942)

Record sale: $5,100

While most of Archie's friends were introduced in Pep Comics #22, this was our first meeting with Veronica Lodge, Archie's second girlfriend. You should get at least $500 for this comic from a devoted Archie fan.

Other first appearance issues like #24 (Principal Weatherbee) and #25 (Coach Kleats) also attract a lot of interest.

4. Pep Comics #36 (1940)

Record sale: $39,500

Archie's back on the magazine's cover, but this time it's a full-body illustration, his first one ever. Unless you're in a seller's market, you can expect about $800 for this book.

5. Archie Comics #1 (1942)

Record sale: $167,000

Surprise, surprise. Archie's popularity managed to earn him his own spin-off series and as you already know it was a hit. Fans are eager to get their hands on Archie's first solo book, and will gladly pay $10,000 for even a rough issue.

6. Early Archie issues

While they're not as in-demand as Archie Comics #1, early issues of the comic are in short supply, which makes them worth more. The record sale for issue #2 is $31,000 and #3's is $8,200.

7. Pep Comics #41 (1943)

Record sale: $4,000

From here on out Archie was the top-billed character in Pep Comics, and this issue was the first in a long line of magazine covers featuring him until the series ended in the 1980s. This issue is fairly common, so unless yours is in good condition it will only bring in $100 or so.

See if any of the more recent books on the list are hiding in your attic...

8. Archie's Girls, Betty & Veronica #1 (1950)

Record sale: $5,500

Archie's competing crushes proved they could handle their own spin-off book, the first one in the Archie Comics series. Although, by this time the comics were being produced in larger runs, so issues in bad condition will only fetch a few hundred bucks.

Archie's other friends had their own spin-offs around the same time, and the first issues are in-demand. Archie's Pal Jughead #1 can fetch as much as $2,700, while Reggie's solo debut is only worth $700 or less.

9. Archie's Pals and Gals #1 (1952)

Record sale: $3,000

While side characters in the Archie family like Josie appeared in later issues, the best-selling issue of this classic run is the very first issue. Even damaged issues regularly sell for more than $50.

10. Archie's Joke Book Magazine #1 (1953)

Record sale: $1,300

"Knock knock." Who's there? "A thousand bucks for." A thousand bucks for who? "For you, if you find a copy of this issue in good condition!" Otherwise don't expect more than $50 for it.

11. Little Archie Comics #1 (1956)

Record sale: $1,500

It's safe to say that the Little Archie story's aren't anybody's favorites, but there's something to be said for owning the character's first spin-off book. This book also seems to be rare for an Archie comic, but there's not much demand for it.

12. Jughead's Folly (1957)

Record sale: $750

This book has a market in two fanbases because it was a special crossover between Archie and Elvis. While the King appeared in other books, this was his first official comic cameo. Less sturdy issues only sell for about $30.

13. Archie's Madhouse #22 (1962)

Record sale: $3,300

Everyone's favorite teenage sorceress Sabrina got her start in this Archie anthology series, and fans will pay at least $100 for her first issue, despite how common the book is.  

14. She's Josie #1 (1963)

Record sale: $1,050

Before she became a member of the Pussy Cats and inspired a totally rockin' movie, Josie was an average '60s teen, and this series followed her misadventures.

15. Archie's Girls Betty & Veronica #320 (1982)

Record sale: $2,150

One of the few new characters to make a splash in the modern era of Archie is Cheryl Blossom, and this is the issue where she made her debut. Unfortunately, Archie books were everywhere by the '80s, so copies of this book are worth as little as $20.

Bonus: Classic innuendo covers

Outside of first appearances and #1 issues, Archie fans seem to have a soft spot for pinup covers, double-entendres and suggestive cartoons, which regularly sell for hundreds of dollars online. Go figure.

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