They Brought Back The Classic 80s Arcades From Your Childhood That You've Been Missing And We Want To Go

Video games in the 80s were completely different than they are now. Now we can all play our games on the go, but in the 80s you had to go to a specific building if you wanted to enjoy some kind of electronic fun. As time went on and home units became the norm, these magical buildings we all knew and loved started to fade away. We didn't need the arcades anymore, we could play our games on our own TVs, but there was never the same community feeling. We used to all gather around the machine because someone was


10 Classic Arcade Games That You Spent Way Too Many Quarters On

The arcade scene in the '80s, '90s, and early '00s was nothing less than epic. The sounds of electronic games and flashing lights of all colors made us feel like we were aboard an intergalactic space ship.  Also, it was always nice to compete against others and strive to become the ultimate champion in your local arcade scene. That was prestige like no other. ComplexHere are 10 classic arcade games that you loved, but spent way too much hard-earned cash on. 10. PinballOne of the oldest arcade games is definitely one of the most popular. This game was patented


Arcade Photos That Bring Back So Much Nostalgia You'll Reach For Your Quarters

These days, when pretty much every video game ever created can be bought and downloaded in minutes, it's hard to believe we used to trudge down to the local arcade with rolls of quarters in our pockets.Like Totally 80sWhether you lived near a full-blown arcade,KOTTKEa bowling alley with a handful of games, Slateor a local pizza joint with one lonely arcade cabinet,Redditthere was something magical about popping a quarter into one of these machines and playing until your luck ran out. It's an experience that most of us haven't had in years, which is a shame because