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Steve From 'Blue's Clues' Wants The Thinking Chair Back, And He's Willing To Fight For It

Hosting a kid's show is probably pretty fun, but I assume it gets a little bit tedious. I mean, even Sherry Lewis must have gotten annoyed by "The Song That Never Ends" after a while. It's a lot of repetition, and reviewing a lot of really basic skills, but I guess seeing the smiles on all those kids faces makes it all worth it.

Blue's Clues was one of the biggest kids shows around, and millions of kids would sing along with the "Mail Time" song multiple times a day (much to their parent's annoyance). The host of the show that we all loved was named Steve who would help solve the mysteries his dog Blue left for him.


Well, we all got pretty excited when we heard that they were planning a new version of Blue's Clues, because it has been long enough that the kids who watched it are starting to have kids of their own. It'll be nice to have something to pass along to the next generation, but we weren't sure who the new host was going to be.

But guess who's trying to take a stand and take his place back on that big comfy thinking chair? That's right, Steve wants to come back.

The best part? He's willing to fight for it...

Steve left the show before it was done but after all these years he is ready to come back!

TMZ spoke with Steve and he revealed that he's actually okay with this reboot happening. “It seems to me that Blue's Clues is returning now because somehow, all of the kids that I befriended way back when have kids. From everything we understand about it, the millennial generation is extra super-duper nostalgic, and to think that they have such warm, fond memories of Blue's Clues, and of me, is truly super cool and wonderful and warm and fuzzy."

While at first it seemed like he was just excited that the show would be back, when he realized that other people wanted to take his former gig he got a little competitive.

He really didn't like when he realized that professional wrestler, John Cena, was showing a little interest in the role. There's a good chance that Cena's excitment was just a gag, but his little audition for the show has Steve on high alert!

After hearing about Cena's impromptu audition, Steve had some opinions.

"I like the idea that the host of Blue's Clues could be a regular-looking guy. You know, I didn’t look like Justin Bieber or anything like that,” Steve said. “I was just kind of a normal, weird dude. And I like the idea that the host of that show really could be your friend, really could be someone who you might meet — and who isn’t like a super buff, amazing professional wrestler.”

As he continued, his confidence grew. "I think if John Cena is serious about hosting Blue's Clues, he and I should wrestle for it. I’m calling you out, John Cena."

Imagine watching that fight? That would be quite the sight!

Who do you think should host the new Blue's Clues? Should Steve come back or should they get someone new?

Source - TMZ