Steve From Blues Clues Is Back And He's All Trippy Now

If you're like me, you wonder about Steve from Blues Clues on the daily.

But have no fear, he IS alive despite Wikipedia pages that claim otherwise!

Steve left Blues Clues to begin his own music career with the help of The Flaming Lips.

Now, Steve is back with his buddy Steve Drodz and have formed a musical group called STEVENSTEVEN.

The group has a lot of influences, citing "Wondering, Burt, Black Sabbath, Cephalopods, Grover, Toy Commercials From The 1970s, Harry Nilsson, Dr. Seuss, Science, Bill Conti, Queen, Futzees, Rocky Balboa, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, True Love, Neil Diamond, The Zoo, Holly Hobbie, Fairy Tales, David Bowie, and Mister Rogers."

Their new album FOREVERYWHERE will be released in February and the music is for all ages...seriously. Their new music video "The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow" is pretty kid-friendly, even including an all-kid backing band.

Congrats, Steve. I hope you get lots of letters and never wonder who they're from.