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Spice Girls Reuniting For The Royal Wedding

File this under: things I would absolutely make my husband do for me if I was marrying a royal.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who will be getting married in May, have been making headlines since they went public with their engagement. So many protocols were broken on Harry's end, and so many barriers were broken on Meghan's. Harry didn't attend the Boxing Day hunting expedition with his family, because his fiancee is a big animal rights activist.

"The Boxing Day shoot was always going to be a tricky issue," a royal insider said. "Meghan is a keen animal rights campaigner and doesn’t like hunting in any form. Harry loves it and has always been out there on Boxing Day. But if it means breaking with long-standing royal traditions to avoid upsetting her, so be it. It’s fair to say that there are some pretty stunned faces around here."


Awwww, true love.

Another group making headlines is the Spice Girls, who are rumored to be reuniting for another tour. While Victoria, aka Posh Spice, has been hesitant over the reunion in the past, she is apparently "fully on board" now and the whole group has been planning the details of the reunion. Contracts have been signed, concerts are being planned...and the biggest venue of all has been revealed.

Mel B appeared on The Real and confirmed with hosts that not only is the group reuniting, but they're doing so at the ROYAL FREAKIN' WEDDING.

The ladies on the panel asked Mel B if she knew anyone attending the wedding, and she subtly nodded yes. When pressed, she was asked if she was going, and the nodding continued.

"I don't know if I should have said that," Mel B said. "All the five Spice Girls did. Why am I so honest??"

The next question is the one we've all been waiting for. Will the Spice Girls be performing at the reception?

Mel is hesitant, then says "uh, I swear I'm just..." then looks defeated and throws her hands in the air.

"I need to go! I'm gonna be fired! I'm gonna be fired," the judge on America's Got Talent said in desperation.


While it's not exactly a concrete's pretty damn obvious what is going on.

The girls on The Real were obviously excited, as are the rest of us 90s fans anxiously waiting for their reunion! I wonder what songs they'll sing. Has to be "2 Become 1" right? There's really no other option.

What do you think they'll perform?