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The Most Iconic Spice Girl Fashion Statements Aren't As Simple As They Appear

If you think about 90s fashion, you will obviously think about the Spice Girls. Every fashion choice they made directly impacted every pre-teen girl around the world. We were all trying to walk in platform shoes, wearing those Adidas tear-away pants, or trying to find the best dresses that looked like slips.

They had so many iconic moments that it's easy to just look back and remember the good ol' days. There were also a few hidden secrets that they didn't want you to know at the time!

Why are half of them wearing winter coats, but then Mel B. has a tank top on? Who is right here?

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Sometimes glamour is a sparkly tank top

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Quick, what's the first thing your eye is drawn too? Hard to choose right?


I know you each had your own style, but this is a lot of patterns at once

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I see that you are wearing a belly chain Victoria, don't you try to hide it


Remember when everything was reflective?

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The moment that launched an icon

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As iconic as all of these looks are, there are a few secrets about the clothes they wore that people don't know...

The Spice Girls may have been known for their amazing fashion-forward looks, but some of their most iconic looks weren't the real deal. Geri Halliwell's Union Jack dress was actually made the night before she wore it when she added a flag to a plain black dress!


While Ginger Spice's outfit may have been a fraud, Victoria Beckham's little Gucci dress must have been the real deal right? Wrong. Just because she was a fashionable person didn't mean that she could always afford the high-end clothes she wanted.

Beckham admitted that even the so-called Gucci dress from Spice World was actually a fake! She wasn't about to correct anyone who believed that it was real!

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Which Spice Girls look is your favorite?