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'Small Wonder' Was One Of The Strangest Show Of The 80s, But Where Is the Cast Now?

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Small Wonder was one one of the greatest shows of the 80s. Watching that little robot girl try to pretend to be a real kid was always super entertaining, even though it was a bizarre concept.

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When inventor Ted Lawson brought home a robot for his family to help mature, they weren't expecting her to become such a big part of their family. But after 4 seasons, the show ended and it left us wondering, what happened to the Lawson family?

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It's been 32 years since the premiere of Small Wonder, so what has the cast been up to since?

Dick Christie - Ted Lawson

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After creating Vicki, Ted Lawson had to bring her home to help her acclimatize to family life. He has to try to keep her existence quiet, but it's hard when you build a super strong child who just happens to have appeared in your house.

Christie went on to act in a few parts, but in 1999 he stepped away from acting for a full ten years. He came back to do a part on Breaking Bad and has since joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful.


Marla Pennington - Joan Lawson

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She was the one who always treated Vicki the best, acting like she was a real person. After the show wrapped, she realized that while she was happy to have been on the show, she didn't think it showed off her talents. She decided to leave acting behind and instead focus on her family.

What about the kids, how did they turn out after leaving the show?

Jerry Suprian - Jamie Lawson

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He was just a kid when he was on Small Wonder, but now his life has been a little more dramatic. He hasn't acted since the show ended, and his life took a little bit of a turn.

After he left the show, he had a child with his then girlfriend. They spent through all of his money from the show and he quickly found himself in trouble. His girlfriend left him and he ended up working as a waiter. He apparently was homeless for a time, but in 2012 he started to rebuild his life.

Emily Schulman - Harriet Brindle

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There always seems to be an annoying neighbor next door who gets involved in things that they shouldn't, but we love them anyways. This one was in love with the boy next door, it's not her fault that there was a robot there!  Schulman continued acting for a little while after Small Wonder ended. Her biggest role was in Christy, a TV movie-turned-TV show that lasted 20 episodes.

Since then, she decided to go behind the scenes and is now the head of a talent company and also teaches acting.

Tiffany Brissette - Vicki the Robot

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Tiffany Brissette had a big responsibility on this show. She was the main character and the entire show hinged on her performance. While the show may seem a little cheesy, it was fun to watch and she was great.

After leaving the show, she went back to school and eventually graduated with her bacherlor's degree in psychology. She later became a registered nurse and now lives in Colorado.

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