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Six tips to use when playing in live casino

Photo by Adi Coco on Unsplash

Recently, live casinos have gained popularity and have quickly become mainstream. Thanks to computer programmers, you can now continue having fun uninterrupted from the comfort of your home. However, do you have enough information to help you have fun and maximize your chances of winning? Below are some tips to help you when playing on live casinos.

1. Avoid betting houses without a licence.

The first tip is to avoid registering at betting houses that don't have an operating licence. A licence assures you that you are dealing with an honest establishment. Further, licensed casinos not only prove reliable but are also secure to use.

You can log into the platform and be assured that your credit card details are not exposed to third parties. Additionally, if you play and win against the house, you expect that you can easily withdraw your winnings without a problem.

Unlicensed live casinos only seek to trick players. Therefore, make a point of only using credible casinos with a licence, not the ghost ones that keep appearing and disappearing from the internet.

2. Consider live casino providers

Only sign up with gaming sites that work with reputable live casino providers. Companies such as provide safe and reliable services. These certified providers have the variants of the most popular games.

Additionally, such companies get tested and certified by reputable laboratories such as ECOGA. The test ensures that the live casino uses genuine software that guarantees transparent and honest gaming. Consequently, the outcome of your favourite game will depend on luck and not system manipulation by the house.

3. Only choose the games with the best RTP.

Pay close attention to the payback RTP whenever you play your favourite live casino games. Always keep in mind that most betting platforms have an advantage when it comes to percentages. Fortunately, there are many games available on those platforms, and with a good strategy and luck, you can have fun while winning.

Games like online Blackjack provide the best RTP of about 99.28 percent. You can change the percentages depending on variants. For instance, perfect pairs with 95.90% in live Blackjack or 21 + 3 with 96.30%.

Another live casino game with good RTP is the live baccarat, with figures of about 98.94%. The percentage is higher than slot machines such as The Dark Knight Rises, which has 96.30%. Additionally, it’s much higher than the American Live Roulette, which has 94.74%. Other popular games include:

  • Roulette
  • Casino Hold’em
  • 3-Card Poker
  • Sic-Bo
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Andar Bahar
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4. Make use of promotions and bonuses

Almost all betting houses will have bonuses and promotions. As a strategic player, you should always make the most out of these free offers. Since there are many betting platforms, the companies offer free money to attract new customers to stay ahead of the competition.

They provide promotional offers, such as registration rewards and live casino bonuses. These offers are generally handsome if you're a player looking to double your earnings. Never waste this money, but instead capitalize on it to maximize your profits.

You can get fabulous promotions such as free spins after registrations when playing a live roulette casino. If used well, they can allow you to maximize your earnings. Remember to read the terms and conditions accompanying these bonuses and promotions to ensure that they are fair to you.

Additionally, a live casino may offer loyalty programs. These promotions are pegged on customer loyalty to the specific betting platform. Although they may be permanent, they require you to level up constantly.

5. Ensure you learn all the rules

Rules are not only meant for beginners. It would help if you also learned them at intermediate and professional levels. All the games have rules, types, and strategies that you need to know. Even if the games seem simple, please attempt to learn the rules.

Learning the rules is integral as you need to know how to win against the house or other players. Equally, knowing the rules helps in situations where you feel either the house or your competitors are afoul of the rules.

6. Consciously plan your budget

To maximize your wins or minimize your losses in live casinos, you need to apply some intelligence. If you have a budget of $60, it's prudent not to play a live roulette spin of 20 dollars. As you will have few spins yet spend more money. Therefore, choose games with lower bets.

Don’t obsess over making big profits because you may start to play compulsively. Take rest periods to relax your body and mind. This way, you can focus on your play strategy and invest responsibly.

As a follow-up, please don’t chase your losses. When you notice that you have a lousy hand, stop playing. Let losses lie where they are, and you live to redeem them another day.