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80’s Teenage Problems One Cannot Imagine Nowadays

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

The 80s is a legendary time for millions of people all over the world. Modern adults had their childhood and teenage years exactly during this period. What challenges did they face? How did the everyday life of a teen of the 80s differ from the modern one? It’s time to find the answers.

Four TV Channels

One of the most amazing things of the 80s was TV. Just imagine, during this time there were only a few channels you could choose to watch. Every evening all the family members stuck to the screen watching soap operas or pop TV shows. There were no other opportunities to enjoy your favorite series. Moreover, many people explored TV programs in advance to know the exact time and date to watch something they were interested in.

The Rise Of Video Games

Teens in the 80s were the pioneers in video gaming. The number of games was very limited, so the players didn’t have a wide choice. Moreover, many teens came to their friends’ homes to have a chance to play some video games.

By the way, many grown-ups are feeling nostalgic for this period and play Super Mario from time to time. Not to mention, you can try to play this legendary game, too. You will be amazed by its simple and understandable interface combined with an exciting plot. Anyway, playing video games in the 80s was not as common for teens as it is nowadays.

Issues With Doing Homework

If you had some problems doing homework in the 80s, you could only ask the professor or your friends for help. There was not a single essay writer service that is ready to help any modern student nowadays. The learners were forced to complete even the most challenging academic assignments by themselves since picking up nursing essays for sale, buying term papers on sociology, or getting your research paper edited was unavailable.

Fortunately, you live in a space with a wider range of opportunities and can get professional academic assistance online anytime. By the way, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to buy papers, speedypaper discount might be the best thing you need.

Rental Shops

Having a movie night in the 80s was not as easy as it is now. To watch a new movie, the teens were forced to visit a local video shop. If you were planning to watch a 15+ film, you were required to have an older look. Before visiting the rental shop, the girls wore high skills, and the guys often took their dads’ t-shirts. Moreover, some of them even rehearsed their imaginary date of birth just in case. By the way, the movie you were looking for might appear to be on loan! To put it short, renting a movie often appeared to be a true adventure for teenagers.

Modern teens can’t even imagine such an issue. You can easily watch your favorite movie just by pressing a single button on your laptop or smartphone. This is exceptionally easy compared to the challenges of watching movies in the 80s.


Thousands of modern teens don’t like walking or hanging out with friends. They prefer watching YouTube or playing mobile games, as well as stick to their gadgets communicating with their mates in messengers. The worst punishment for modern kids and teens is losing access to the Internet, as well as spend time without a smartphone or tablet.

The situation was totally different in the 80s. Video games were not so popular, while mobile phones and tablets did not exist. Walking in the street was the only way to communicate with mates, find new friends, and meet new people. There were also no dating sites, so meeting in person remained the only way to know each other better. Staying at home for a long time was a nightmare for any teen in the 80s.

Watching Top Of The Pops

Currently, you have dozens of opportunities to find any kind of music according to your preferences online. You can shop at iTunes, listen to podcasts, watch videos on YouTube, and find plenty of other ways to discover the top modern hits. However, this was not common in the 80s.

Earlier, most teens watched Top Of The Pops on TV to find out the best modern music hits. Thousands of teenagers in the country were glued to the screens of their TVs at a particular time to be the first to watch the new video clips of their favorite pop groups.

Being a teenager in the 80s was not easy. There were tons of difficulties, starting from writing a paper essay, renting a movie at the shop, or playing video games at your friend’s home. However, people who had their childhood and teen years during this period learned a lot and were completely happy with the opportunities they had.