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7 Things You And Your Sibling Fought About Even Though Your Parents Begged You To Stop

If you grew up with a sibling, you know exactly how frustrating it could be. They were always using the stuff you wanted, eating the last cookie, and telling on you for stuff you totally didn't do.

Some things caused more debates then others, but we all know that they were basically a daily occurrence. Try as they might, our parents could never make us get along and take turns, because "they got to go first last time!" How many of these things remind you of your childhood with your sibling?

1. Who got the toy out of the cereal box

It didn't really matter that they were a little bit ridiculous, we wanted them and that was that. Seriously, they got the prize last time, it's my turn!

2. Whose turn it was to play the Tiger game


Some kids would make a deal that any time you died you would have to switch, but what happens when one person has had more practice to begin with, so they don't die as quick? It's unfair, how am I supposed to get better if I am never allowed to play!

3. Which flavor of Kool-Aid to buy

Our moms and dads wouldn't always let us have unlimited options, so we had to make the very hard choice of which ones we were going to buy. It also became an issue when we wanted to make a jug of the 'Blastin' Berry Cherry' when they want boring ol' 'Grape'.

But that's not even the worst of it...

4. Who got to wear the cooler mask

We would often argue over who was going to be what for Halloween, because we obviously always wanted to be the same thing. And when you wear the same costume, it ends up looking really creepy. Trust me, I know from experience...

Tanya Ruiter

5. Who got to use the 'good' crayon cup

We all had our favorite color, and if you were lucky it wasn't the same as your sibling's. But as the years go on, cups break and we have fewer options to choose between. If there was only one left, watch out.

6. What movie to watch

The fights surrounding who got to pick the movie are probably why a lot of our parents bought a second VCR.

7. The "I'm Not Touching You" Classic

It's almost physically painful how frustrating this was. Yes, you aren't physically touching me, but emotionally you are scarring me for a lifetime.

What did you fight about with your sibling?