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The Craziest Things Movies Have Done To Get The Perfect Shot

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Every movie needs a director, and every director has a vision for the movie. While most things can be left to the skills of the actors or the special effects crew, sometimes the perfect shot needs a higher level of creativity.

Not all of these were the best idea (in fact some of it may have been abuse) but no one can deny that the directors of these movies were able to do something incredible, with a little bit of ingenuity.

Rocky IV

Even though Rocky ends up winning this one, the final fight against Ivan Drago nearly cost Stallone his life.

To make it more realistic, Dolph Lundgren was asked to throw a real punch at the lead actor, which put Stallone in the emergency room for five days!

Saving Private Ryan

Famed director Steven Spielberg wanted to really capture the subtle emotions of the story to make this war-time epic even more realistic. When all the other stars went to boot camp in order to get into the army mindset, Spielberg specifically disallowed Matt Damon.

He did this to foster a resentment among the other stars, like their characters would feel for risking their lives to save one private.

The Birds

This terrifying scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is a classic moment in cinema history.

However, Tippi Hedren revealed afterwards that to capture the scene they tied actual birds to her and threw other agitated birds at her. She was really attacked by birds in this scene, was it really worth it?

These may have been hard to swallow, but the next few might actually make you laugh out loud!

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