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It's Been 20 Years Since The Premiere of Sabrina The Teenage Witch! Where Are The Stars Of The Classic 90s Show Now?

Can you believe it has been 20 years since Sabrina the Teenage Witch Premiered as part of the TGIF lineup? Before spells were reserved for Hogwarts alumni, Sabrina was the main witch everyone fell in love with. While all the other high-school-kids were just worrying about their biology homework, Sabrina Spellman had two goofy aunts, a talking cat and a big secret to keep. But what is the lovable witch and the rest of the cast up to now?


Melissa Joan Hart - Sabrina Spellman

Melissa Joan Hart was a perfect Sabrina. Just a little bit dorky but completely relatable. She is still acting now 20 years later and has even returned to voice the character of Sabrina and her Aunt Hilda in an episode of Robot Chicken.


Nick Bakay - Salem the Ca


So that's what he looks like! Salem the cat was voiced by Nick Bakay and is still working as an actor doing voices and parts on several projects. He actually has worked with Kevin James a few times in both King of Queens and more recently in the movie Zookeeper.

Caroline Rhea - Hilda Spellman

The aunt who doesn't always make the best choices, Caroline Rhea played Hilda with a lovely attitude that made her just so wonderful. She has been acting consistently and was briefly the host of The Biggest Loser.

Beth Broderick - Zelda Spellman

After the end of Sabrina, Beth Broderick has continued acting in small parts in many hit shows including Lost and even made a couple of appearances on Melissa Joan Hart's show Melissa and Joey.


Nate Richert - Harvey Kinkle

Sabrina's first love Harvey no longer has that dream-boat 90s haircut, but the smile is the same! He hasn't acted in about ten years, because he has transitioned into music.


Martin Mull - Principal Willard Kraft

Martin Mull is still working as hard as ever but he seems to have left the mustache in the past.


David Lascher - Josh

Sabrina's college boyfriend who works at the same coffee shop as she does. He was big back in the 90s appearing on several different TGIF shows including Clueless (once again playing a guy named Josh) and also Two of a Kind the Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen show. He hasn't been acting much anymore, just the occasional project here and there.


Paul Feig - Mr. Pool

He isn't acting as much anymore in big roles because he is way too busy directing and producing some of the biggest movies and TV shows. He is the the director who helped the world realize how great Melissa McCarthy is (even though Gilmore Girls fans have known for years) with Bridesmaids, Spy and Ghostbusters.

Lindsay Slone - Valerie Birkhead

Time hasn't affect Lindsay Slone at all, she looks exactly the same. She has been acting up a storm with parts in movies like Horrible Bosses and the TV series The Odd Couple. Although I will always remember her fondly as Big Red from Bring It On.


Jenna Leigh Green - Libby Chessler

Sabrina's nemesis has continued acting and also has started working in the theater world in Wicked.


Soleil Moon Frye - Roxy King

One of Sabrina's college roommates was played by Punky Brewster herself. Frye has taken to voice over acting in recent years and even voiced Punky Brewster on an episode of Robot Chicken.

Elisa Donovan - Morgan Cavanaugh

Sabrina's other roommate who was maybe just a little bit self centered hasn't changed much since her stint on the show. She was teen-movie queen after her time as Amber in the Clueless movie and again in the TV Show. She is still acting - mostly in TV movies.


Trevor Lissauer - Miles Goodman

The paranoid and dorky friend to Sabrina, Trevor Lissauer has been acting intermittently while also focusing on his band Animal Cloud.  

Alimi Ballard - Quizmaster Albert

The Quizmaster was essentially like her magical drivers ed. He was responsible for teaching her and testing her on magic and it always involved a very brightly colored outfit. He has been quite successful since then, starring in his own show Numbers, and having guest spots on NCIS and CSI.