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We Finally Know More Details About The Reboot Of 'Roswell' And When To Expect Its Arrival

When we all found out that Roswell was coming back, there was this collective freak out that we all shared.

A lot of people were really annoyed that they were bothering to remake a show we all loved so much, but there of course there were others who were really excited to see what was going to happen.

Well, now that some time has passed, maybe those of you were skeptical are ready to see this remake. If you aren't, well too late, because it's absolutely happening.

The show will be premiering at mid-season next year, so you won't see it until 2019, but when you do there are going to be a few things that are different, but there will also be a few familiar faces.

Liz is back... sort of

Jeanine Mason
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The show will follow a biomedical researcher coming back to Roswell after being away for 10 years named Liz Ortecho. So here's the thing, Liz is the same character technically, but they've decided to give her the name from the original books the show is based on instead of switching it to Parker.

So Liz is coming to take care of her sick father but she is also taking this time to investigate her sister's mysterious death.

The thing is, it's not like this is a continuation of the original show. This is a whole new reimagining that isn't set in high school like the original. So it's only now, as an adult, that Liz learns all about Max's secret.

As for the cast, she has been replaced by Jeanine Mason.

Max is a cop now

Nathan Parsons
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Max is still living in Roswell, and was friends with Liz in high school, but he's now a police officer still trying to hide his big secret.

Max is now being played by Nathan Parsons.

Liz is still going to find out his secret early on

Roswell Liz
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The two reconnect when she comes back into town, and just like last time, something crazy happens that makes Max reveal his true identity to Liz.

The relationship between them is obviously affected, but now she is in on the secret and has to keep it quiet.

Mason revealed that the conflict in the story is what will be the driving force behind the series. She said it is "even more of a romance, more of a love story, because there's a lot that's pulling them apart."

Isobel and Michael are still around too

The WB

Isabel will now be played by Lily Cowles, and she's just trying to live her best life without revealing her secret. She now has a husband named Noah who doesn't actually know that his wife is an alien, but apparently he suspects something is up.

Lily Cowles
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Michael is still there too, played by Michael Vlamis. Michael is trying to find a way off of Earth, probably because he suffered a traumatic childhood.

Alex is back as well

Roswell Alex
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Alex also gets a name change for this show. Instead of Alex Whitman, he's Alex Manes and he will be played by Tyler Blackburn.

Tyler Blackburn
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He's a sergeant and a military veteran, so he's not only dealing with a lot of drama there, but he also is dealing with the fact that his father doesn't want him to be with the man he loves.

The show is going political

The WB

It seems that politics are inescapable these days, even in our TV shows. This show is taking their alien show to a new level by trying to add in some real world elements.

Parsons explained that the series is "a chance to start a conversation and explore different arguments in that conversation, no matter what side you land on."

They are going heavy on the fact that Roswell is right near the border, and how that affects the people in the town.

The Crashdown is there still

The WB

Don't worry, everyone's favorite alien-themed cafe will be back in the new version. No news on if they still have to wear those alien antennae.

Some people will be happy to know it's apparently following the book more closely

The WB

People have made comments before that the original show didn't stick close enough to the books, but now with the name changes, it seems as though we might have found some producers who'd rather follow those plots more.

While we obviously can't know everything they've got planned, it sounds like they've got some big ideas that we're very interested to see how they pan out.

So, what do you think? Will you be watching this new reboot to see what it's like, or do you wish they would just stop remaking all your favorite shows?

The excitement of the new show was pretty real when it was first announced, but I can't lie, I will miss the original cast.

Source - TV Guide