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'Roswell' Is Coming Back To TV With A New Twist

Imagine living in a town your entire life, then one day you wake up to find that there are teenage aliens living among the residents. Eventually, you learn that these aliens were survivors of a UFO crash that took place in your town a few decades ago, and you slowly start to fall in love with one of them after they saved your life.

If this sounds familiar, it is because it was the plot for the late 90s show 'Roswell,' which was actually based on the popular book series Roswell High by Melinda Metz.

The show ran for three seasons, from 1999 to 2002, on The WB before moving to UPN. It starred up-and-coming actors like Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker, the main protagonist, Jason Behr as Max Evans, Liz's crush whose spaceship crashed in the town in 1947, and Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans, Max's sister.

The sci-fi drama also served as a platform for other fresh faces like Colin Hanks, Alex Rodriguez, and Emilie de Ravin.

Although the show didn't last as long as some of our other favorite 90s series, it resonated well with those of us who loved its predecessors The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. On top of the thrill of that accompanied watching aliens mingling with humans, it also had an epic teenage love story line that had us all very invested. I mean who could ever forget the roller coaster that was alien Michael and human Maria's on-again off-again relationship?

But if the details are starting to get fuzzy, then this news coming out of The CW is something you'll want to know.

The network announced that 'Roswell' will be rebooted, and one of the original executive producers will be back on the project, though the story line will have a new twist to reflect the present.

So what will the new Roswell be about?

Just like the original books and series, the new one-hour drama will be set in Roswell, New Mexico. According to Deadline, the official description reads:

"After reluctantly returning to her tourist-trap hometown of Roswell, New Mexico, the daughter of undocumented immigrants discovers a shocking truth about her teenage crush who is now a police officer: he’s an alien who has kept his unearthly abilities hidden his entire life. She protects his secret as the two reconnect and begin to investigate his origins, but when a violent attack and long-standing government cover-up point to a greater alien presence on Earth, the politics of fear and hatred threaten to expose him and destroy their deepening romance."

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In addition to Kevin Kelly Brown, who was previously an executive producer on the orginal series, writer Carina Adly MacKenzie and executive producers Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank have all attached their names to the project, in association with Warner Bros. Television.

No details on when the reboot will hit airwaves or about the cast have been revealed yet, but judging by the storyline, we expect to see lots of flashbacks, which means some of the original actors may return to play our favorite characters.

While you wait for more details, here's the 'Roswell' theme song to transport you back to 1999:

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