Revisit The 80s With Jane Fonda's Iconic 80s Workout Video

Jane Fonda turned 79 in December and she is still just as big of an icon as she has ever been. Shes an amazing actress who deserves just  all of the awards, but one of her most memorable life moments was her super popular workout video

Do you remember her amazing workout video? It was the number one VHS release for several years! Did you ever try out the workout that took over the nation? This will bring you right back to 1982!


1. She wore legwarmers better than anyone!

2. She could rock any hairstyle, even a mullet

3. Wind machines were her very best friends

4. She could blend into her background and still look fierce

5. Her book cover was amazing.

6. Like seriously, tights are comfortable workout gear!

7. Now, she says one more, but then immediately goes into the next thing without explanation. How did anyone keep up with this?

8. Her suit could not be any shinier.

9. Happy 79th birthday Jane Fonda! You could easily still star in these workout videos, you look amazing!