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ReBoot Is Coming Back To YTV But Let's Just Pretend It's Not

Hey 90s kids!

If you thought you hated the live action Disney movies, or the reboot of Fuller House, get ready for a minor aneurysm.

The news we've all been waiting for is here! There's a reboot of ReBoot coming!

Here's the problem's live action.


That's right. The show literally based in a computer is going to be re-made using live people. Because that's definitely something that makes sense.

This is the description of the show so far:

"Titled ReBoot: The Guardian Code, the new show will follow four 16-year-old humans who become guardians in cyberspace. Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon said in an email that the show will feature a mix of live action and computer animation.

Guided by a cyberbeing from the original Guardian Program named VERA, teens Austin, Parker, Grey and Tamra will enter cyberspace to do battle with viruses. Guardians, like the character Bob in the original, are the police of the cyberworld, able to resist viruses and heal other sprites.

All four teens will wear protective suits that will allow them to survive in the digital world. An image of the character Austin as his guardian alter-ego Vector was released Monday. The other three character's will go by the names Googz, D-Frag and Enigma in cyberspace."


YTV posted about the show's return on Twitter, with a picture of the new cast. To say people were upset is a tiny bit of an understatement.


There's even a hashtag starting called #NotMyReboot.

Don't say our generation doesn't get involved in the important things.