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Police Officers 'Want It That Way' And Aren't Afraid To Show It

Port Huron Police Department

No one can resist The Backstreet Boys. Their music is too catchy. If you lived through the 90s it will be ingrained into your memory for your entire life. It's just one of those things that found a way to get embedded deep in our brains, so all it takes a couple notes before we start singing the whole song.


It turns out that even though we are all growing up now and, you know, getting real jobs, you can never shut off that nostalgia filter that all our thoughts run through - even if you are a cop.


Right now in Michigan, there is a little contest going on between all of the first responders and emergency services. It's understandable, they have really intense jobs and it makes sense that they might need something to help them relax. So when the Port Huron Police Officers were challenged by the local paramedics they knew they would have to go big.

Officers Sam Baker, Brian Daly and Derek Paret were working a night shift when they found themselves in a quiet moment. They decided it was the time to hit back with their hilarious entry into this contest with a classic 90s hit: 'I Want It That Way'.

Their version has taken off in a big way, with some pretty impressive people taking note...

When the officers from Port Huron were challenged to post their own video, they probably weren't expecting the band to notice them.

The three officers have a dash cam set up in their cruiser while they start to lip sync the words to one of the best Backstreet Boys songs out there.

It starts off with one pretending like he doesn't want to sing it, even though we all know no one can resist that song.

They take turns singing the parts before a third officer pops up from the back seat.

Port Huron Police Department

The whole thing is silly and lighthearted, exactly as it's meant to be.

The internet has been loving this silly little video, but not as much as the band themselves! They re-posted the message on their instagram account and it has been completely blowing up.

They commented that "Port Huron Police going above and beyond the call of duty!" and their fans have been loving it. One posted a comment that said, "Thank you for protecting my town and for putting a smile on this place. So glad good cops know good music "

Check out the video for yourself!

What song do you think they should do next?

Just in case you still prefer the real thing, here's The Backstreet Boys: