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They Ruled Newport, But Where Are The Cast Of "The O.C." Now?

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The O.C. was, and still is, the ultimate teen drama. We fell in love with Ryan Atwood the second we saw him, then we sobbed like infants when Marissa died (this isn't a spoiler, it happened 12 years ago.)


We invested four years of our lives into Newport Beach, and when it was all over, we felt like a part of us went missing. But those actors didn't just drop off the face of the earth...so what happened to the cast of The O.C.?

Autumn Reeser as Taylor Townsend


Taylor Townsend wasn't always our favorite, but in season four when she began dating Ryan, we saw a different side of the preppy know-it-all. Reeser has had a steady acting career since The O.C. ended, appearing in Valentine, Hawaii Five-0, The Arrangement, and Sully. Reeser also portrayed Julie Cooper in "The O.C.: The Mfusical."

Samaire Armstrong as Anna Stern


Team Anna, anyone? She got Seth to come out of his shell and helped bring him and Summer together (even though it wasn't always her intention.) Now, she still acts regularly, with roles in Dirty Sexy Money, The Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy, and the soon-to-be-released Carter & June. She also gave birth to a son, Calin, in 2012.

Melinda Clarke as Julie Cooper

The WB

Julie Cooper started out as insufferable...and frankly, ended the same way. But it was a lovable insufferable. If you put aside the plot to murder her husband for his money, Julie just wanted what was best for her family. Clarke found herself a role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation after The O.C. ended, and even got a leading role in Nikita.

Kelly Rowan as Kirsten Cohen

The WB

Everyone's favorite WASP and Newpsie turned alcoholic found herself engaged to billionaire David Thomson after the show ended. The Canadian actress has had small roles in shows like Perception, Castle, and the Canadian show Murdoch Mysteries. She has been busy raising her daughter.

Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen

The WB

Sandy Cohen: the dad who everyone wished would adopt them, the expert bagel shmearer, and the man with eyebrows that won't quit. Gallagher was already an established actor (and singer!!) when he landed a role on The O.C., and his success didn't stop after the show ended. With roles on Californication, Rescue Me, Togetherness, New Girl, and Grace and Frankie, it doesn't look like Gallagher is slowing down anytime soon.

Tate Donovan as Jimmy Cooper

The WB

I may be in the minority, but I never liked Jimmy Cooper and I never will. I found no redeeming qualities in him, and frankly he was flat-out whiny. Donovan, on the other hand, I have no real issue with. The 54-year-old actor had a role in the Oscar-winning Argo. He also was featured on the shows Limitless, The Mysteries of Laura, and The Man In The High Castle.

Alan Dale as Caleb Nichol

The WB

The 70-year-old New Zealand actor has no intentions of slowing down, landing roles in Lost, Ugly Betty, NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Dynasty, and Captain America: Winter Soldier. Let's just hope Julie Cooper doesn't try to poison his margaritas again.

Chris Carmack as Luke Ward

The WB

Let's all be thankful that Chris Carmack is nothing like early season one Luke. Of course, we got to see a softer side of Luke when he was alienated from his friends group (awks) but we cannot forget that he SLEPT WITH JULIE COOPER. Man, she shows up everywhere, huh? Carmack has had incredible success since The O.C. He stars on the hit show, Nashville, where he plays Will Lexington. Carmack showcases his musical abilities, and it makes him even more of a pretty boy than his puca shell necklace ever did. Carmack and his finacée, Erin Slaver, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kai, in 2016.

But what about the main characters?

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