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Sorry Guys, Nirvana Confirms It: Kurt Cobain Is Definitely Not Alive in Peru.

Yesterday, The Daily Mail published an article speculating on new evidence that Kurt Cobain might still be alive.

Peruvian singer, and professional impersonator, Ramiro Saavedra, performed Come As You Are in 2012. The video was shared online recently and Nirvana fans swarmed social media to point out the resemblance between the two men, effectively re-igniting the conspiracy theory that the front man is actually alive and well.

Since the article was posted, Nirvana's official Facebook page released a statement to confirmed the obvious: Cobain is still dead.  At least they broke it to us gently - and by that I mean with the appropriate dose of sarcastic grunge cynicism. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Nirvana treated readers to a bonus round smack-down of Courtney Love-killed-Cobain theories:

Oh, yah, Elvis is alive in Graceland, and Tupac has been in hiding too, but he's in Cuba. It's not Facebook official though, so we don't really believe it.