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Nintendo Announced Their New Games And They All Feel Amazingly Retro

Every year there is a huge video game conference called E3 where all the big gaming companies make all of their exciting announcements. From Dragon Ball Z games, to new adorable franchises, new systems or the return of classic characters you are very familiar with, E3 is a very exciting time for gamers.

We have shared a few of the announcements already, but the ones that might be the most thrilling is all the new Nintendo games that are bringing back all your favorite characters in a big way.

So far, Nintendo has made some pretty huge announcements for what's coming and if you are a fan of classic games you are going to be PUMPED.

They revealed the trailers for three new games that will give you all the nostalgic feelings you have been looking for and we will share them with you. Seriously, the will make you feel like you are playing all your old Super Nintendo or N64 games!


If you were a kid in the 90s and were lucky enough to have a Super Nintendo, chances are you were familiar with Yoshi's Island. Yoshi obviously appears in many Mario games including Mario Kart and Mario Party.

He was most recently given a new game called Yoshi's Woolly World which was a very cute version of everyone's favorite dinosaur, but this new game looks even better.

The trailer they released makes it look so much like Yoshi's Island that you'll start to have flashbacks to your childhood. Except this time you don't have to worry about that annoying Baby Mario who is always crying.

This new Yoshi game is coming out in 2018.


Kirby is the cutest little... whatever he is. Hes always been one of the cutest Nintendo characters and now it looks like he has a bunch of little buddies!

The game trailer shows that you can have up to three teammates, either co-op or by recruiting enemies. No one can resist that little pink circle's charm.

The game looks a lot like the old Kirby games from the N64 but with updated graphics and some new functionality. It's nice that he still has a lot of the same look though!

Kirby is expected to come out in 2018.

There's one more amazing game left to discover! Click to the next page to get a sneak peak at the new Mario game coming this fall! Also, vote for our favorite new game!

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario is back and it's crazier than ever. He is now traversing a whole new world - or worlds. He gets to run through a bunch of different areas, including some forests, a big city, and most importantly (in my opinion) one with dinosaurs.

The coolest thing is that it seems that Mario can just throw his hat at characters in the game and then take over their body. This is a new feature that might just change everything.

It looks like it will play a lot like Super Mario 64 which is obviously the best game out there. Who didn't love to play that classic?

Super Mario Odyssey is launching on October 27th, 2017.

Which game are you most excited for?

It's so nice to see all the classic looks of your favorite characters being carried forward every time a new system comes out!