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'Murphy Brown' Revival Reveals Who They've Cast As Her Son But We're Still A Little Nervous

It was just a couple of months ago that we all got both excited and a little nervous for the Murphy Brown reboot. Sure, we loved the show when it originally aired, but as a rule, reboots are never as good as we want them to be.

The show was unlike any others of its time. First of all, the lead character was a woman. Second of all, she was a woman with a controversial history. The recovering alcoholic was a career-focused woman, but she also made huge breakthroughs for women on television. She was a single mother, one who continued to work and her actions were truly groundbreaking.

After 30 years away from the screen, Murphy Brown is coming back to television for a new season. It worked well for Will and Grace, and everyone seems pretty excited about Roseanne, so here's hoping that this one will be just as good.


Luckily, Candice Bergen will be back to play Murphy, who is apparently going to be shown handling the way the news is now. The network released a statement which revealed what we can expect. "As its 30th anniversary approaches, Murphy Brown returns to a world of cable news, social media, fake news and a very different political and cultural climate."

So while Murphy deals with the world of fake news, several other original stars will be back as well! Faith Ford (Corky Sherwood), Joe Regalbute (Frank Fontana), and Grant Shaud (Miles Silverberg) are all signed on to come back.

But with Murphy's son being such an important story line in her life, we've been wondering who would play him now. Well, now we know, and it's going to be interesting...

Murphy's son, Avery, was a huge plot point in the show, so it's pretty fair to assume that her son will also be a big part of the revival. Obviously, now that 30 years have passed, we will actually get to see what happened to him. Did he follow in his mother's footsteps? Is he making her proud?


Well, the actor who will be playing him is maybe not a household name, but who knows, maybe this will be what gets him there.

Jake McDorman is probably most recognizable from his recently cancelled show, Limitless, based on the Bradley Cooper movie of the same name. He also was in Lady Bird, as Mr. Bruno, and American Sniper.

The CBS network revealed that not only has he been following his mother's footsteps, but he also has "his mother's competitive spirit and quick wit."

He's not the only new cast member to have a big role. There's a new character named Pat who will be played by Nik Dodani, and he's the director of social media. He's supposed to bring the fictional show within a show into the 21st century.

The show is set to start airing in the 2018-2019 season, but we don't know when they plan to air the first episode yet.

Will you be tuning in?