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How Much Do You Know About Me, And You, And Zoboomafoo?


It was our favorite animal show on television that taught us all the importance of wildlife preservation while also giving us a lesson on the animals we wanted to protect.

The show was incredibly fun to watch with something going on at every moment. Even the intro had a bit of everything in it!

That classic song hearkens back to a ton of memories, but how much do we really remember about this kids show and it's celebrity lemur?

It was unfortunately short-lived, originally broadcast from the beginning of 1999 to late 2001, but is still aired in many regional stations across the country. A total of 65 episodes were taped and was transmitted to over 28 countries around the world!

The main character was of course Zoboomafoo, who would transform between puppet and Coquerel's sifaka, a species of lemur.

Every morning he would come bounding in to see his friends Chris and Martin Kratt, and then we all know what happened after that! GARBANZO BEANS!

There were many things to love about this series, and one of them was its use of different animation styles to connect the world of imagination with it's young audience.

Who remembers our little lemur friend bouncing through Zobooland?

The show managed to fill our screen with so much color and adventure. Every episode Chris and Martin would travel to some new distant region of the world to help us understand the animal life there, reminding us vaguely of Steve Irwin.

Of course, there were also the really cute animals that we got to see each episode!

Unfortunately Jovian (the lemur who played Zoboomafoo) passed away several years ago at the ripe old age of 20. But his memory lives on in the episodes that showed us all how to be animal lovers!

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