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McDonald's Rekindles 90s Spirit by Bringing "Throwback Thursday" Prices in App

If you love McDonald's, you're not alone; according to Wikipedia, McDonald's operates almost 40,000 stores in more than 120 countries. When you've got a hankering for a Big Mac, you'll likely be able to walk down the street to get your meal instead of driving to the next town over.

With how popular the fast-food chain has become, it's no wonder that their prices have steadily risen since the 90s. But recent concerns over McDonald's ever-growing prices has meant that some consumers have gone elsewhere for their fast-food fix. The answer? Throwback Thursdays.

And we don't just mean that the store is posting that hashtag on Instagram. The conglomerate pitched a new sales tactic to encourage more consumers to start "Lovin' It." Starting on January 14 and running until February 18, certain items on the McDonald's app are sold at "throwback" prices. This means you have the chance to get a simple cheeseburger for a whopping 25 cents.

Of course, this is a promotion so not all items will be available at these rock-bottom prices. On the 14th, the app offered a small fry for only 15 cents. Here are some of the upcoming prices you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • January 21: One cheeseburger is 25 cents
  • January 28: One small milkshake is 25 cents
  • February 4: One apple pies is 20 cents
  • February 11: One large fry is 35 cents
  • February 18: One cheeseburger is 25 cents

It's important to note that not all McDonald's franchises are participating in this Throwback Thursday promotional event. As such, it's recommended that you look through your app to see participating locations near you before you twist your ankle running toward the nearest McDonald's. After all, most sprains take at least seven days to heal and you might miss the next throwback Thursday at that rate.

But before you start worrying about the notches on your belt buckle, rest assured that the number of throwback items you can get is limited to one per purchase. When you go to your once-yearly physical with your doctor, the number on the scale shouldn't increase just because of this offer.

This isn't the first promotion that McDonald's has had and it certainly won't be the last. In fact, the Krazy Coupon Lady notes that you can still score large fries on some Fridays. But if that doesn't appeal to you, apparently the app offers a range of deals throughout the year.

Perhaps the craziest throwback deal that McDonald's has participated in was their popular Szechuan sauce comeback. After the show "Rick and Morty" talked up the deliciousness of the nugget dipping sauce, the franchise couldn't help but accommodate hungry fans. They rolled out their sauce back in 2018 for the ultimate throwback but failed to meet the demand. In some cases, police had to be called over angry patrons rioting for the sauce outside McDonald's locations. While reports aren't clear if folks were arrested over the incidents, it's likely that one or two people had to pay a bail bond over the delectable sauce back in 2018.

Which McDonald's throwback has been your favorite? While the newest throwback promotion seems like a clever way to get people to download the app, the prices really can't be beaten. Let us know what your favorite promo has been!