Get Ready To Feel Old: Luke Perry Turned 50 And Was On The Cover Of "AARP"

That's right. Luke Perry, the 90's heartthrob, is 50 years old. Fifty. Five-Zero.

Bad-boy Dylan McKay was on the cover of AARP which is a magazine for retirees and seniors. Because the world thought we needed to be reminded that we are older than we thought we were.

It feels like it was just yesterday he drove into our hearts on his motorcycle, but apparently it was many yesterdays ago.


Luke Perry turned 50 on October 20th, 2016,simultaneously killing the illusion that we are young. He is appeared on the October issue of the magazine, still looking pretty good beside the groan-worthy caption "Welcome to the 902-5-oh".

Fans were none to impressed with the realization that time is passing us by, tweeting out their responses to the cover.

To be fair, he was playing a teenager when he was in his mid-twenties, so you can try to soothe yourself with that knowledge, but we all know how you really feel:


90210, the show he is most remembered for, started 26 years ago and ended 16 years ago. That can't be right... It was just the other day that the moody teens were doing their moody teen thing around Beverly Hills right?

Time to accept the facts: We are getting old.


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