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5 Things We Learned From Vanilla Ice's Book That Proves He Rocked The Mic Like A Vandal


We all know the verses of his insanely catchy signature tune, but what else do we really know about the rapper-turned-reality TV star, and the things that make him tick? It turns out, he published a book on his private thoughts and his motivations back in 1991, and it explains a lot about the man who has self-professed that "to the extreme, I rock a mic like a vandal."

Let's take a look at the secret life of Robert Van Winkle, a.k.a. Vanilla Ice!

The man cuts his own hair

That's right, the classic pompadour that so many of us equate to the top M.C. of the 90s is personally maintained by it's vigilant owner.

He's a ladies man who knows what he wants

Vanilla Ice doesn't need to put it mildly to get his point across. His primary criteria for interacting with a woman is apparently based on her looks.

"My first impression of a girl, whether I’m going to be drawn to her or not, is based on her looks," he said. "I know it’s not fair, but then I see what her personality is like."

He nearly died once when he was stabbed in the butt

It's not the same as getting shot 9 times, but it is still pretty thrilling. He grew up in the tougher areas of Miami and Dallas, and says he has quite the scar on his buttocks from where a street fight turned nasty. Though, it certainly made him get up off his ass and do something!

The rapper is too tough to weep

“I don’t cry and I don’t know why,”says Ice. While he is certainly not a cold-hearted monster, Van Winkle says he is firm against his tears, even when he broke his ankle from a motorcycle accident in his youth.

He swears he doesn't like to cuss

Although he isn't afraid to drop a few word bombs, the rapper doesn't like to use curse words all that much.

He says, "I don’t need to put in dirty words to express myself."

Ready to get lost in the classic melody? Check out the hook...

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