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Decades Later We Wonder If Kevin Sorbo Can Really Go The Distance

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Do you remember watching Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Andromeda in the 90s?

While playing the son of a god, the actor did 85% of of his own stunts and looked totally badass on camera.

While Kevin Sorbo captured our hearts with the beloved hero of our childhood, it seems that the actor never seemed to make it onto the A-list path. He has however, giving himself a full career and personal life off camera.

So what has he been up to since we remember watching him as a kid?

He suffered three strokes and then reevaluated his life

While Hercules: The Legendary Journeys aired from 1994-1999, you may remember that there was a shift away from the title character and more of a focus of the other stars as the series went on. No one knew why there was a sudden flood of guest stars on the show, until Sorbo revealed the truth in his 2012 book.

In 1997, Sorbo suffered three strokes as a result of an aneurysm. In the middle of a promotional tour for Kull the Conqueror when he started to feel an odd sensation in his left hand and arm. Doctors brushed off the incident until the pain got worse during a workout. Doctors discovered and removed the aneurysm that was blocking blood flow to his arm.

When returning back to the set of Hercules, Sorbo was experiencing the after effects of fatigue, depression and anxiety attacks.

"I felt like I had been transformed overnight from a youthful, carefree jock into someone who needed to grasp the backs of chairs and counters for an arduous five-yard trip to the bathroom," he admitted.

Years later, Sorbo still suffers from nerve damage, residual pain, occasional migraines and ten percent vision loss. He said the experience made him realize what was really important to him, his wife and his faith.

He got to reprise his role as Hercules

Fans of the show may have not caught it, but Sorbo got to relive his role as the son of Zeus in Sony's video game, God of War 3.

This particular take on Hercules was much different than the show, however.

"This is a whole different look, I didn't quite have that look. [...] I didn't weigh 4,000 pounds. This guy's, what, 12 feet tall?"

Doing voiceover work for the actor was a new experience, admitting that it wasn't easy on his voice.

"It was a darker, more sinister person, a more evil person to deal with and play, but you know, from my standpoint it was a lot of fun."

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