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Kate Winslet Reveals How She Should Have Saved Jack, And Who The Studio Wanted Instead Of Leo

We've all seen Titanic. And even if you haven't, you know the iconic scene where Kate Winslet MURDERS Leonardo DiCaprio by letting him drown.

Okay, so maybe she doesn't actually murder him, but she certainly doesn't help. That's gotta make her an accessory at least. For those of you unfamiliar with the scene, Jack and Rose (played by DiCaprio and Winslet) are drifting in the freezing cold ocean after the Titanic sinks. Rose is blessed with a door to hang onto while Jack is left to float in the icy water. Rose says she'll never let go, and yet somehow Jack ends up at the bottom of the Atlantic.

The biggest bone that fans have to pick with the movie that Rose easily could have scooched over a little bit and let Jack up on that door with her.

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Of course, there's also the theory that if Rose had let Jack on the door, they both would have sunk. The other theory is that it's just a movie and I need to chill (which I will not).

Even Kate Winslet agrees it was not cool to leave him there.

"I lie. I know. I know. I agree. I lie. I fully lie," she acknowledged. "He should have tried harder to get on that door."

Winslet was on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert when he asked her some questions about the iconic movie, including the super-uncomfortable-if-you-watched-with-your-parents sex scene.

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"I don't think it was scripted. I think we came up with it on the day," Winslet recalled. "It did get quite sweaty in the car, but we were spritzed down with spray Evian bottles to make us look really like in the throes of… "

Winslet also revealed that DiCaprio wasn't always slated to be Jack!

"I auditioned with Matthew [McConaughey]—isn't that weird?" Winslet said. "Never said that in public before!"

Then, Winslet gave us what we all wanted, nay, NEEDED. A fixed ending to Titanic.

Do you think Rose should have moved over for Jack?