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Jokes You Totally Missed In Rocko's Modern Life That Might Just Destroy Your Childhood

There were a lot of kids shows out there that had secret little messages for the parents, but probably none were as obvious about it as Rocko's Modern Life. The show was laced with double entendre and social commentary that tried to make the show a little more entertaining for the parents to watch with their kids.

Watching it back now, it's shocking to see. I mean, as a kid obviously all of this just goes straight over your head but it definitely was there.

This compilation video brings together some of the best and most ridiculous innuendos that made it into the show over its 4 season run. You absolutely missed these when you were a kid and seeing it back as an adult might just make you miss the simpler times.

Wowsers. This show was perhaps the dirtiest kid show around.... Or maybe ever? It's a lot to take in.

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