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10 Facts About 'Jingle All The Way' That'll Make You Yell 'It's Turbo Time'

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be one of the biggest action stars of all times, but honestly it's his performance as the persistent dad, Howard Langston, that we will never be able to forget. The 1996 Christmas classic Jingle All The Way follows Howard as he tries to get the perfect gift for his son. What's the perfect gift you ask? Obviously it's a Turbo Man action figure!

Jingle All The Way was a pretty incredible movie, as long as you don't read into the reviews too much. Despite the reviews, it managed to make a huge amount of money at the box office and still gets played on TV every year. But how much do you really know about the movie you grew up watching?

1. Turbo Man was almost called Turbo Guy

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It just doesn't sound as appealing does it? Turbo Man, the fictional hero made up for the movie was almost going to be called Turbo Guy. He also could have been The Turbo or Turbo Tom. They knew they wanted it to be Turbo, but they didn't know the rest. They apparently went through every option imaginable before finally realizing that Turbo Man was as good as it gets.

2. Martin Mull's scene took two weeks longer to film than it should have

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The scene he was filming was supposed to only take one or two days, but he was forced to stay on set for two full weeks. The reason? His scene was supposed to take place on a rainy day and the sun just wouldn't stop shining.

3. The story was based on the frenzy surrounding Cabbage Patch dolls and Buzz Lightyear

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The original screenplay was based on the craziness that surrounded those dolls and translated it into a script. It was eventually brought to Chris Columbus, director of Home Alone, who used his experiences trying to find a Buzz Lightyear toy for his son to add to the story and make it more believable.

4. Officer Hummell was originally written as a woman

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The role played by Robert Conrad was supposed to be a woman, but producers apparently felt like it needed to be "someone who could pull up next to Arnold and tell him to pull over and he pulls over."

5. Sinbad was upset when he thought he wouldn't be able to audition

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Sinbad was on the USO tour of Bosnia with Hilary Clinton and Sheryl Crow when the auditions took place for the role, so he couldn't be there. He was very upset that he missed his chance, but he found out that Chris Columbus had waited until he came back to have the auditions.

That's not all there is to know about Jingle All The Way...

6.  Dan Riordan had a rough time playing Turbo Man because of his phobias

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He had to fly around attached to a crane as the super hero, but Riordan was actually afraid of heights.

7. On the plus side, Turbo Man's suit had some built in features to make it more comfortable

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The tight fitting suit was created from a mold of his body. They made wax molds of both Schwarzenegger and Riodan and cast the rubber into it so they would fit properly. They also had cooling systems built right in so they wouldn't overheat. "They're very thin membrane vests that are filled with small, plastic tubing that's tightly coiled, back and forth, and they run cold water through it," Riordan said. "So when they run it, it's like this cold water right up against your body and it was amazing. The sensation was fantastic."

8. Did you realize you could buy a real Turbo Man action figure?

The movie company rushed to create real Turbo Man action figures to be sold in Wal-Mart's alongside the movie. They sold for $25 and only 200,000 were made.

9. They were going to make Dementor dolls as well

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Sinbad says that he "had a prototype of the doll but they said 'give it back, we'll get you the real one when it comes out. And dude, it NEVER came out!"

10. Arnold only was in the movie because a delay in a different project

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Schwarzenegger was supposed to appear in a remake of Planet of the Apes, but when the project was delayed multiple times for rewrites, he was able to leave the project. He was then able to sign on for this Christmas classic and the rest is history!