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James Cameron Reveals Why Jack Had To Die So We Can All Let Go

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It was the blockbuster film of the year. It launched the careers of two of Hollywood's most successful actors. The most-referenced movie on the internet, and without a doubt, had the most controversial ending we all had to deal with.

Titantic came out in 1997 and shook the world with its romantic portrayal of the tragic sinking of one of the world's largest luxury ships in history. We stayed on the edge of our seats for 3 hours as we watched director James Cameron build up the relationship of two passengers that was as doomed to fail as the ship they were sailing on.

Or was it? After the Titanic finally sinks into the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean, our two lovers are finally reunited and it doesn't look good.

In a last act of love, Jack lifts Rose onto a floating door so that she can survive. A very big floating door. Like, with enough room for two people, at least!

Look, there's totally space on there!Pursuitist

We always wondered what would have happened if Jack had just climbed on board, but according to our director, it was never meant to be...

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