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It's Been 25 Years Since 'Who's The Boss?' Ended, Here's What They Look Like Now!

Everyone's always left wondering, who really was the boss? Was it Tony? Was it Angela? Or maybe it was little Jonathan! Who can really be sure (probably the creators of the show but never mind that.)


The only thing we can be sure about is that the show was awesome. The show Who's The Boss? actually ended 25 years ago. Let that sink in for a moment. Are you okay? Well, even if you aren't, let's find out what happened to the family you all know and love!

Katherine Helmond - Mona Robinson

ABC / Wikia

Helmond had an enormous body of work even both Who's the Boss started. After the show ended she continued to work in many roles including on the show Coach, Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as a recurring character in the Pixar hit Cars who has been back for all of the sequels.

Sadly, Katherine Helmond, who was nominated for seven Emmy awards and won a Golden Globe, died at age 89 on February 23, 2019 from complications of Alzheimer's disease at her home in Los Angeles.

Danny Pintauro - Jonathan Bower

ABC / Huffington Post

After filming Who's The Boss he took a long break from acting. Before the show, he was the original Paul Ryan on As The World Turns and was in the movie Cujo.

In 1997 a tabloid reporter forced him to come out as gay after saying they would report it whether or not he confirmed. He decided to tell his story his own way and gave an interview to the National Enquirer.


He said "Believe it or not, the ‘National Enquirer’ actually did a really fantastic, heartwarming article about it. I was shocked." In 2015 he revealed that he has been HIV positive since 2003.

He is married to Wil Tabares, and they live in Las Vegas. He currently works as a restaurant manager and hopes to open his own bed and breakfast.  

But what about the rest of the cast?

Alyssa Milano - Samantha Micelli

ABC / Taddlr

She was such an adorable little kid who handled being a child star pretty well! She continued working after the show ended regularly and eventually landed her next big gig.


She played Jennifer Mancini on Melrose Place and then went on to star in the show Charmed for over 175 episodes. She was most recently in a show called Mistresses and has a few movies set to come out this year.

Judith Light - Angela Bower


She became a TV legend playing Angela Bower, but she actually got her start on the soap One Life To Live.


After playing Angela, Light moved on to a show called Phenom, and a bunch of other smaller projects before landing the awesome role of Claire Meade in Ugly Betty. She also had a good run on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Dallas, and more recently Transparent.

Tony Danza - Tony Micelli

ABC / Gazette Review

Tony Danza has played more characters named Tony than you could imagine. Not really a huge deal, but interesting none the less. He got his big break on the classic show Taxi playing Tony Banta.

He then went onto Who's The Boss? almost immediately. After that ended he played a couple more Tonys on Hudson Street and The Tony Danza Show. Most recently he has been on the series called There's...Johnny where he finally plays someone who isn't named Tony.

The cast actually reunited in 2016, and talked to Entertainment Weekly about what is was like basically being a real family for so many years.

The show is absolutely a classic. Did you watch this show when it was on?

Who were some of your other favorite TV families? Remember Family Ties, The Wonder Years, or Small Wonder? So many classic shows that are absolutely worth re-watching!