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Tim Allen Talks About Potential 'Home Improvement' Reunion And We Aren't Sure How To Feel

Home Improvement was one of the greatest shows of the 90s. Watching Tim 'the Tool Man' Taylor awkwardly and outrageously fail at making things while continuing to make a show about how good he is at making things was just absolutely great. .

We watched Tim fall off of roofs, we watched Tim electrocute himself, we watched Tim explode various projects, but all the while he managed to not die and not get fired.

I think a lot us, myself included, thought of him as our TV dad. He reminded me so much of my dad, the only difference was my real dad didn't have his own show.

Tim was always surrounded by his loving wife Jill, and his three sons, Brad, Randy and Mark who tolerated his nonsense. His trusty neighbor Wilson was always there to offer him some excellent advice, even though he never really absorbed it properly. And of course there was Al and Heidi, who really did a lot of the work on Tool Time, the fictional show within a show.

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It's one of those shows that seems to be funny no matter how many times you watch it, because it was just one of those good and simple family shows that made us all feel good.

It was really sad when it ended in 1999, with a whopping 35% of households tuning in for the final episode. While we were all really sad that it ended, at least it wasn't as though it was a sudden cancellation. We knew it was coming, so we could prepare to say goodbye to that great family.

But after nearly 20 years, we might be able to check back in with the Taylor family again...

Tim Allen hasn't stopped acting since his hit sitcom ended, and actually just wrapped up production on his most recent show Last Man Standing. While it ended in a controversial way, the actor still has a lot of fans who still want to see him do well and he knows it.

With all the classic 90s shows coming back like Full House, Roseanne, and Sister, Sister, it always seems as though it's just a matter of time before the entire TV schedule from our childhood comes back, and we may not be too far off.

When asked about the potential of a Home Improvement reboot or reunion, Allen admitted that it was absolutely a possibility and he would be into the idea of doing it, and he's admitted that some of the cast has mentioned they'd be interested as well.

"I can't say everybody, but it has been floated," Allen revealed to ET.  "And more than I would have expected said, 'Yeah, that would be cool to do it years later,' like Roseanne."

He's still upset that Last Man Standing was cancelled, but he's definitely on board with the idea of a Home Improvement reunion.

"I like that idea," Allen said. "I still miss Last Man Standing. We didn't get our seventh year. I adored that show. It's like having a new dog and now to go back to the old dog? I don't know. I like both characters, but yeah, I'd be very interested in that idea."

While obviously nothing is official yet, there's at least that little spark, and that's all we need to get it started. The question is, do the fans really want it? With all the reboots lately, we've all been getting a little exhausted by these recycled ideas. But who knows, maybe it'd be great.

Let us know what you think!