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Oops, There's A Huge Blunder You Probably Never Noticed In The "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)" Video

You know when you love something so much that you don't notice its flaws? Well, that was how I felt about Blu Cantrell's chart-topping jam "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)."

From the moment the upbeat break-up anthem was first played on the radio back in 2001, I was hooked. Then came the music video, which just made me want to end things with my non-existent boyfriend and go shopping with his card.

Full disclosure: I was also only about ten years old, and barely understood why she was so mad at her ex. I just wanted to go shopping with my friends and drive around in a convertible.

Anyway, as the years went by, I still enjoyed listening to the song and watching the video occasionally, but I also became a lot more observant, and had a lot of questions about plenty of things in the video.

Turns out, I wasn't the only one who was looking for answers, especially when it came to the topic of Neiman & Marcus.

In the song, Cantrell sings, "So I went to Neiman & Marcus on a shopping spree," but there's something in the music video that indicates otherwise, and it has us fans very confused.

So did Cantrell shop at the department store or not?

While on a mission to get back at her man for cheatin', Cantrell and her friends, Sole and Mia, decided to hit up Neiman Marcus and spend all of her ex's cash, down to the last dime.

But if you take a closer look at the scene where they pull over for valet parking in front of the high-end department store, you may notice that something is totally off.

Do you see it?

If you look closely, you'll see that the store sign doesn't say "Neiman Marcus." Although the type font is correct, the spelling is not even close to the original. It actually reads "Neircus Marman," which sounds totally made up, and also means that her shopping spree technically took place in a different store.

Writer Gabby Noone pointed out the obvious blunder on Twitter just a few days ago, and people were mind blown. I mean, even after watching the video a ton of times, I still never caught this detail.

Although there's no explanation for why the director of the video decided to change the store's name, considering she sings about it in the song, my guess is that it has to do with licensing issues.

Chances are they did not get permission from Neiman Marcus to use the store's name, so they had to come up with another solution. Neither Cantrell nor anyone involved in the making of the video has yet to comment on this, so we may never know why.

Did you ever notice the misspelled store name in the video?