Photo by Gaman Alice on Unsplash

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Halloween Makeup Tips For New Makeup Artists

Photo by Gaman Alice on Unsplash

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays, although you might have to get a little bit more creative than you were for the last one. If you will need to wear makeup for your halloween costume, you will want to get it right. And the best part is that, to create a great makeup look, you don’t need to be a pro makeup artist. A few hacks will help you get it right. Also, if you know a good Halloween makeup store then you are better placed because you will easily access most if not every item you will need.

With the below tips, all your Halloween beauty looks will be hassle-free, as you'll know exactly how to DIY any look you want. That said, here is a quick rundown of some of the best halloween makeup tips for new artists.

Making Fake Blood

Creating a fake blood look could easily be one of the most challenging looks for new artists. You want to avoid using ketchup and make fake blood that looks realistic. Also, while you could simply get a bottle of fake blood in the store, you can also create it yourself and make the whole experience more fun! To begin with, shave off some red lipstick and combine it with creamy black eyeliner. Add in some bit of thick clear lipgloss and mix well. Depending on how bright you want your blood, you can add in more lipstick but if you want deeper, dried-blood hue, use more liner in your mixture. Once done avoid using the makeup brush bristles to apply as they are hard to clean and instead use the end of your makeup brush.

Making a fake 3D Wound

Besides your makeup kit, you will need a nontoxic gluestic if you want to make a fake 3D wound. Use a butter knife to cut off a small piece of the adhesive then apply it in the area you are working on. Wet your hands with water inorder to be able to manipulate the product into what you want then mold it to your desired shape. You could let it air-dry or use a blow dryer before using makeup. With a fluffy brush, cover the glue with a translucent powder as well as foundation. Mix red and purple eye shadows around the area to create a bruised effect. If you wish to achieve a distressed skin color you can use lipstick or blush.

Using a lip brush, fill the interior part with black eyeliner to create a more realistic appearance as it adds a dried-blood look to it. To further achieve a wet, oozing look, add red lipstick and deep brick lip gloss on top of the black eyeliner.

Making Your Lips Disappear

Over the years, make up artists have been using foundation to cover up the lips as a way of creating the illusion of fuller lips. This hack allows you to draw a new lip line over the top or even a smaller pout for your Halloween makeup. Use a full coverage foundation then apply translucent powder on the top to set the base. Reshape the lips to your desired look with a lip pencil darker than your lipstick then finish with high-shine lip gloss.