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How to Throw a 1920s Gatsby Party

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The Roaring Twenties

Ever considered what it was like to be alive during the roaring twenties? The Roaring Twenties, more commonly known as the 1920s, were a decade of contrasts. The First World War had ended in victory, and peace and wealth had returned with it. The battles had proven to be quite profitable for some. During the war, manufacturers and providers of items for the war effort profited and became extremely wealthy, indeed life had never been better for the aristocracy and wealthy classes. In the cities, nightclubs, jazz clubs, cocktail bars and casino themed entertainment thrived. For some, the hedonistic lifestyle depicted in books and films like The Great Gatsby was an escape from reality.

Because they were too young to fight, this generation mostly missed the war, and there may have been a strange sense of regret or guilt that they had escaped the horrors of battle. Because so many other young lives had been lost on the battlefields of Flanders, they may have felt compelled to live life to the fullest.

Even though many technologies were invented prior to this decade, widespread acceptance of many older technologies resulted in a significant shift in people's lifestyles. Automobiles, telephones, movies, radio, and domestic electricity all became commonplace. This brought people together and offered them the freedom they didn't have before. Despite being formed in the late 1800s, jazz was the new music type to dance to. This musical genre, which African-Americans in New Orleans created, began to gain mainstream acceptance and drive the jazz kids wild.

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald is arguably best known for writing The Great Gatsby, published in 1925. It is set in 1922 during the Roaring Twenties and tells the story of one man's quest for the American Dream. Nick Carraway, the narrator, is a wealthy American who relocates to New York to pursue a career as a bond trader. He meets an eccentric, exceptionally wealthy neighbour named Jay Gatsby. Unfortunately, he becomes entangled in Gatsby's scheme to revive a lost love with Daisy Buchanan, Nick's cousin. Jay Gatsby, the protagonist, is involved in criminal activities such as bootlegging or selling booze during prohibition, when alcohol was prohibited in the United States. He throws lavish parties and ultimately meets his sweetheart Daisy and begins an affair with her. Unfortunately, Daisy's husband, Tom, is having an affair with the wife of a garage owner, Myrtle Wilson. Daisy strikes and kills Myrtle while driving Gatsby's automobile on her way home from New York.

Completely oblivious that she has murdered her husband's mistress, she flees the scene. Myrtle's husband is depressed, and he is on the lookout for his wife's killer. Daisy's husband, Tom, leads him to Gatsby's house, where he kills Gatsby and then himself, putting an end to Daisy's affair.

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Party Time

There's nothing quite like throwing a themed party to have a good time. But, setting the tone with magnificent décor, delectable treats, party favours, and getting dressed up is only half the fun. A Great Gatsby party or Roaring Twenties soiree is an idea that never goes out of vogue. So it's no surprise that Great Gatsby-inspired parties are popular, with their flapper dress, Art Deco décor, and epic dance skills. However, learning how to make your own requires some party planning.

Venue - Look for a venue with a '20s vibe if you're looking for a place to hold your event. Exotic materials, brilliant colours, and geometric patterns dominated Art Deco design throughout this period. The theme was elegance and richness, with decor ranging from Egyptian-themed paintings to ebony tabletops. Geometric prints, metallic and mirrored objects, vibrant colours, Bauhaus-style furniture, and ornate chandeliers are significant design themes from the 1920s. If you're hosting the party at your house, there are a lot of items that obviously reference the decade's design.

Decoration - You can't go wrong with a black and gold colour scheme and glittery components for your Great Gatsby party décor. Rich jewel tones, modern forms, and materials like leather and feathers, on the other hand, are all appropriate for the decade's aesthetic. Entertainers can be greeted with gold and black balloon arches. Try draping tabletops with silver and gold sequin runners and placemats for a more metallic look. Ostrich feather centrepieces in white and silver provide a subtle touch of elegance, while black and pearlescent balloons help add spice to your room.

Dress Code - A considerable part of the enjoyment of a Great Gatsby party is getting dressed up. At these gatherings, the dress code is all about the flapper from the 1920s. Flapper dresses are usually knee to ankle length, straight, sleeveless, and loose. Beads and sequins are typical embellishments, and many ladies wear them with feather boas or long pearl necklaces. Lavish Great Gatsby party attire is completed with diamond-dripped headbands, tiaras, and gold bangles. Solid suits are necessary for elegant men like Jay Gatsby, but feel free to change it up with pinstripes, plaid, and even pastels.

Music - The jazz, dancing, and creative flair of the Great Gatsby party theme are prominent features. Complete the feel of your Art Deco party with music that will keep your guests dancing all night. The styles of jazz, blues, swing, and Broadway music were all popular during the decade. Your guests will have an awesome evening.

Hopefully, you now have a few ideas to set you on your way to throwing a fantastic Gatsby themed bash. These tips will have your friends talking for weeks after the event and could inspire them to host their very own party.