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90's Kids Will Recognize These Throw Back Halloween Pics

Halloween in the 90's was awesome. It seemed like everyone went all-out, from our favorite television shows to our favorite breakfast cereals. Halloween was always a hit in the 90's!

See how many of our classic Halloween favorites you recognize!

Candy Buckets

Vampire Teeth - The Easiest Costume Ever.

Hocus Pocus - We watched it every year!

1995's Casper : 10-year-old me was totally in love with Devon Sawa.


Bill Pullman was fabulous.

Everything Went Halloween...

Even our Beanie Baby collection,

Our cereal,

And our soft drinks.

Our favorite shows all had Halloween episodes:

Fresh Prince of Belair


The Simpsons

Home Improvement

We were forced to carry around these flashlights:

We all ran to that ONE house on the block that gave away full-sized candies:

They usually also had the best decorations:

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys were totally festive:

Thanks to pumpkin carving kits like these:

We had Steve Urkel Jack'O'Lanterns!

How many do you remember? Let us know in the comments below  - don't forget to Like & Share!