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Green Day Shared Some Advice For New Bands, And It Should Be All Of Our Mantras For 2018

If there was ever a band who could be the poster child for the pop-punk genre, you could make a really good argument that Green Day should be it.


Ever since the band exploded onto the scene with Dookie back in 1994 (yes I'm aware they had albums before that, don't @ me), Green Day have kept a a steady career going for decades, thanks to a combination of catchy tunes and an infectious punk attitude.

Fun fact, "Dookie" means "poop."Wikimedia

From skaters and punks, to rockers and stoners, to even preps and jocks, just about everybody could find something to like about these guys's slacker anthems about getting high, masturbation, and just being a loser in general. Hell, even my dad loves Dookie.

Of course, we can't forget about how the band had the mother of all comebacks when they released American Idiot back in 2004. After a decade of stagnant album sales and chart performance, the album was an explosive middle finger to the Bush administration that dominated the charts like never before. They somehow managed to even release a nine-minute rock opera as a SINGLE!

The band's been riding a pretty good streak ever since, but they haven't forgotten that they were once a bunch of scrappy up-and-comers a relatively short time ago (nearly 25 years is short, right?).

So it goes that the band took to Instagram on New Year's to send a message to all up and coming bands, and it's even better than they likely intended it to be.

While on a visit to the Andy Warhol Museum on December 30th, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong decided to snap a photo of himself alongside some of the rebel art icon's best-known work. The 46-year-old singer (no, seriously) also had some pretty direct words for what he referred to as a new generation of "young rock n rollers":

Alt Press

"Dear young rock n rollers. Be brave. Be tough. Spit your anger. Piss people off. Don’t be normal. Don’t be trendy. Be loud. Live out loud. Cuss . Swear. Be offensive. Tell the truth. YOUR truth. Fuck authority. Spray paint the walls with your song titles. Be dirty. Smash glass. Make a statement. Don’t be a wimp. Don’t be a follower. Unhinged. We need more young rebel heroes with loud guitars. #andywarholmuseum"

Honestly, if that isn't a great bit of advice for all of us to take going into the new year, then I don't know what is.

What do you think of Billie's advice?